A Blog for B-0-B

Allegedly, Bob Voelker reads my blog when he’s bored at work. I’m not quite sure what that says about my blog, but nonetheless, that’s what I’ve heard. I am writing this blog specifically for him because I WANT HIM TO LEAVE A COMMENT!

Bob, have you not read anything comment-worthy up to this point? If that answer to that question is “yes,” please just lie and put a comment somewhere. PLEASE. I want us to be blog friends.


5 Responses to “A Blog for B-0-B”

  1. Kasey Says:

    When will you write a blog about me? I mean I am part of your life crisis right now…maybe a blog would be good therapy.

  2. sunshinekmp Says:

    Can I say that when I read this it made me think that you are just a big dork?! 🙂 I still love you but it does make you seem kinda dorky!
    And where the heck is BOB????

  3. amypaul Says:

    Basically, I am a big dork. It’s true. Ha ha ha.

  4. Bob Voelker Says:

    Man, today’s blog was the best yet! Keep bringing us the goods AP! And just to clarify, I don’t read it cause I’m bored… I read it cause it’s good stuff, intrigues me and helps the world better understand the greatness of AP’s mind!

  5. katie Says:

    bob where are you? stop pretending and COMMENT already.

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