52 Recipes for 2012 :: update

Weeks into 2012: 18 weeks, 4 days
New Recipes Tried: 18

18: Disappearing Marshmallow Blondies: These just came out of the oven and they’re still cooling, so I’ll have to report back on them. 🙂
17: Baked Mini Donuts: I made these on a whim one day just because I wanted to use the mini donut pan I got for Christmas (thanks, Mom & Dad!). They were easy enough to make, but piping the dough into the pan was kind of difficult. They tasted fine, but I think next time I’ll try another recipe.
16: Churros: I tried to make mini churros to use as decor/garnish on the churro cupcakes (below), but it didn’t go so great. The piping tips I had were either too big or too small. And the dough was REALLY hard to pipe. They tasted ok, but if I were to try them again, I’d need to get a better piping tip.
15. Churro Cupcakes: Our friends are expecting a baby boy and he’s due on May 5. We thought it only appropriate to throw a Cinco de Mayo themed baby shower in his honor. I searched long and hard for the perfect dessert. These churro cupcakes fit the bill. I kind of combined pieces of two recipes to come up with this end product and I couldn’t have been more pleased. They were a big hit with everyone at the shower. Don’t wait until Cinco de Mayo…go ahead and make these AHORA! :)
14. Tres Leches Cake: I made this for the same shower I mentioned with the churro cupcakes. I’d never made/had tres leches cake before, but it was definitely good. Once again, Pioneer Woman did not disappoint!
13. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars: I buy these often and found a recipe online, so I thought I’d give them a go. I did need to add a little water, as the recipe mentions and I also added a few mini chocolate chips. Rather than make them into bars, I made them into balls. I kept them in the fridge and ate them over about a week and a half. I even think they taste better than the actual Larabar!
12. Girl Scout Cookie Tagalong Bars: Made these at the beach house and they were a hit. At first, I thought they were too rich, but since I couldn’t stop eating them I guess it’s safe to say I got over that. They didn’t last long with 6 adults (and one always-hungry two-year-old) in the house.
11. PKU Pancakes: I made these for Paulie when we were at the beach house for spring break. He said they were very good. 🙂
10. Mashed Sweet Potatoes: These were good! Definitely different than my beloved mashed potatoes, but I suppose they are healthier for you. I will be making these (or a variation of them) again.
9. Chicken Veggie Packets: This didn’t go so great. For some reason, the chicken had a difficult time getting cooked all the way through. I had to leave the packets in MUCH longer than the recipe called for. Won’t be trying these again.
8. Garlic and Rosemary Roasted Chicken Bites
7. Sweet Potato Chicken Casserole
6. Roasted Vegetables
5. Chicken Enchilada Pasta
4. S’mores Cups
3. Molasses Cookies
2. General Tso’s Chicken
1. Sticky White Rice


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