52 Recipes for 2012 :: update

Weeks into 2012: 9 weeks
New Recipes Tried: 8

8. Garlic and Rosemary Roasted Chicken Bites: This was quick and simple to make. The flavor was good and I have enough left over for two more meals. I added green beans on the side.
7. Sweet Potato Chicken Casserole: I was looking for a recipe to use up several things I had around the kitchen. I used AllRecipes.com’s ingredient search and came up with this dish. I made half of what the recipe called for and ended up with enough for three meals. I left out the half and half in the recipe. I would make this again.
6. Roasted Vegetables: Saw this on Pinterest and just kind of made it up as I went. I tossed everything in some olive oil first and then baked it. I also left off the Parmesan cheese. I would definitely make this again.
5. Chicken Enchilada Pasta: Thanks again to Pinterest, for this one! It was good and made a lot. I ate it for way too long. 🙂 For this recipe, I also used my KitchenAid to shred the cooked chicken. It was the first time I’d tried that and it worked like a charm! Details on that? Pinterest. 🙂
4. S’mores Cups: Annnnd, another Pinterest find. These are so simple to make and super cute. Not to mention very tasty. They will definitely be added into the party treat rotation.
3. Molasses Cookies: My Mom gave me my grandmother’s recipe for molasses cookies, but they didn’t turn out quick like I’d expected. They were pretty flat, rather than fluffy. They still tasted great, but I’m going to need to give them another try.
2. General Tso’s Chicken: General Tso’s is pretty much the only thing I order when I get Chinese food. When I saw a recipe on Pinterest, I knew I needed to try it. It was not a difficult recipe, but I would probably leave out the cayenne pepper next time (at least on my pieces). The first two new recipes of the new year get rave reviews from me! If you like General Tso’s chicken, give it a try!
1. Sticky White Rice: This went along with the General Tso’s and it was exactly what I was going for. Perfect.


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