2011 Homespun Chic Marketplace

Back over in the comments on this post, sweet Cheryl asked how the 2011 Homespun Chic Marketplace in Winter Park went. We (Kati and I, with Two Florida Girls) participated in the inaugural Homespun event last August and signed up for the second one in April. We also convinced several of our crafty friends to participate too and that made it extra fun.

Ready to go!

 Surprisingly, the traffic at the April event was much, much less than that of the August event. It was a beautiful day (whereas in August it started pouring down rain about halfway through). I guess that could have worked for, and against, us. Nice day = people want to be outside, on the water, planting gardens, enjoying the perfect day outside. Who knows. Regardless, we had a great time and still made a little bit of money. We gave away yummy cake balls, so that certainly made us popular with everyone. Rebecca, the organizer of the event, is working to plan another one in November. We will definitely be back for round three. 🙂

Part of our display.

Our fabric display (aka my nightstand). 🙂

We debuted our new "Florida Love" shirt design at the show. Now available in our Etsy shop!

Our full space, with a hint of Kimberly's table over in the left corner. 🙂

Kimberly is one of the “crafty friends” that we convinced to participate in the marketplace with us.

You can check out links to all the vendors from the show over at the Homespun Marketplace site, but here are links to all of our friends that participated…

Kasey with Autumn & Everything After
Kimberly with whimZy
Katie with KT Paints
Cathleen with TripleCDesigns
Kelly with Gongy & Squish

And, of course, you can check us out at Two Florida Girls. 🙂


One Response to “2011 Homespun Chic Marketplace”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    YAY! Thanks for sharing this, Amy. Your setup looks fantastic. 🙂

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