Five Years Old Already?

My favorite guy turns five today. I’m not even sure how it’s possible. He’s my absolute favorite and if it’s possible, I love him even more now than I did the first time we met.

Five Things I Love About Paul…

  1. His love and excitement for life. I mean, seriously…look at the excitement and light in his eyes in that picture. He loves to have fun. He loves life and he loves to have a good time.
  2. His laugh(s). He has a couple of different laughs. Hang out around him long enough and you’ll figure them out. He has this funny “fake-ish” laugh, but he has this ridiculously contagious real belly laugh. Love it.
  3. His care and compassion for others. I truly believe he’s learning young about the importance of relationships in life. He LOVES all of his family, both immediate and extended. And, he loves his friends. He shows true concern and care for them. It’s very sweet.
  4. His consistency. When he’s into something, he stays very consistent. We’ve been through a few stages with him: Elmo, Blue’s Clues and he’s been into Mickey and Toy Story for a while now. Green’s been his favorite color for quite a while now and over the past couple of weeks, he’s told several of us on many different occasions that he’d like to be a garbage man and police man when he grows up.
  5. His imagination and love of learning. He’s got the funnest imagination these days and I love playing Legos/cars/Buzz&Woody/whatever with him. The last time we played police Legos, his guy told my guy that we should go geocaching. Ha ha ha. He also loves to learn. He likes to read, play games, cook and learn new things. Hoping I can coax him out into the ocean on the surfboard some more this summer. 🙂

Five Things I Pray For Paul…

  1. That he trusts Jesus as his Savior at an early age and that he chooses to live a life that’s honoring to God.
  2. That he’s a leader amongst his peers, and for his sister, and that he leads with integrity.
  3. That he honors his parents and loves his sister.
  4. That God continues to protect him spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially.
  5. That he loves God and loves people.

Happy 5th birthday, Paul!
I love you more than you’ll ever fully know!
You’re my favorite! 🙂


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