Just Because…

I ran into this little “quiz” on a blog that I follow. She’s giving away a super cute journal from her Etsy shop just for answering the quiz in her comments. So…I did it. And, then I thought I’d post it here…just because.

1.  What’s the farthest place you have ever traveled? Athens, Greece (although I originally answered Praque…guess I don’t know my geography)

2.  Would you rather lick the bowl of chocolate brownie batter or cookie dough? Brownie batter

3.  Ever been bitten by an animal?  What kind? Mosquito…does that count?

4.  Ever ride a motorcycle? Yes, but just around a parking lot.

5.  How many {if any} times have you been in a wedding? As an adult…12 times! As flower girl? Let’s not add that in…

6.  What famous person would you most like to be friends with? Pioneer Woman!

7.  Ever dialed 911? Yes.

8.  Are you related to anyone famous?  Who? Not that I know of.

9.  What are two things you are wearing right now and where did you get them? “Roger That” Nike Shirt from the Nike Clearance Center and comfy comfy pants from the Gap.

10.  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 30-40 minutes…most of that is spent waking up. 🙂

Learn anything new/random about me? I think things like this are fun! Who else wants to answer? Either comment back with your answers or post on your blog and comment back with a link to the post! Fun fun fun!

One Response to “Just Because…”

  1. sunshinekmp Says:

    I learned that you’ve ridden on a motorcycle. That is funny to me….considering I worked at a motorcycle shop twice and have NEVER ridden on one! 🙂

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