Random Randomness

Well…it’s just fun to do a real random post every once in a while. Here we go…

1. Downtown Celebration is so nice. Today, I took a walk from my apartment to downtown Celebration. It’s about a five minute walk and I need to do it more often. I met a friend for lunch and then walked to Starbucks, got a hot chocolate and then sat out around the lake for a little bit. There were all kinds of people out and about. Some reading, some walking, some chatting and some just watching the ducks enjoy the sunny day.

2. I love that in each of my circles of friends there are long-time jokes that cause all of us to laugh even years later. For example, if I said, “Pink Pantster” to any of the Chanda girls, they would laugh and know exactly the event I was referring to from over ten years ago. The same would be true if I said, “Five Dollar Foot Longs” to Josh, Kami, Chad, Kasey or Matt. I love that.

3. Kati made me a pot holder from Lilly Pulitzer fabric scraps. She tried her hand at some new sewing methods in the process. It’s super cute and I love it.

4. Even though I see it every day at work, I will never get “used to” sick kids. You would think that seeing kids day in and day out who are fighting for their lives would become “normal.” After more than a year of working at Give Kids The World, I can say that has not been the case for me. While most days I feel happy, rewarding feelings knowing these families are making such incredible memories in a positive and hope-filled environment, I also have days where I find myself over and over saying, “Really, God?” I had one of those days a few days ago. There’s so much about childhood sickness that just doesn’t seem fair.

5. Speaking of Give Kids The World, if you don’t know much about it or if you just want to get a better glimpse into the place I work, check out this video. It originally aired on the Today Show, but I think it gives such a good overview of the Village. 🙂

6. We’ve added a new onesie design to our Etsy shop! It was inspired by our friend, and very loyal TFG fan, Babita. The “Playful Elephant” onesie is super cute and available in tons of different fabric options. We’re also still doing our Anniversary Sale in the shop (through Saturday) and there’s still time to enter our giveaway on Facebook.


3 Responses to “Random Randomness”

  1. sunshinekmp Says:

    I was going to blog about the Lilly potholder….I probably still will. Glad you like it…even though it is definitely not perfect!

  2. katiehobbie Says:

    love this post. every bit of it.
    pink pantster. hahahahahaha.

  3. Patchwork Lilly Hot Pad « What a world… Says:

    […] beat me to the punch by already posting about this gift I made […]

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