Because I Need to Do the Math…

If you know much about me, you probably know how much I hate math. “Loathe entirely,” as my friend the Grinch says, might actually be a more accurate description of my feelings related to math. I was never good at it and never really understood the practical application for most of it. I dislike math so much that if I ever have kids of my own (Oh, Lord, help me…), I will definitely be honest if they ask the question, “Will I ever use this stuff in real life?!” Because…let’s be real…NO…most of it, you will not. Ugh.

I digress…this post has much less to do with math and more to do with me figuring out comings and goings of my last couple of weeks. I feel like I’ve been in West Palm almost more than I’ve been home. While it’s certainly not the case, I just needed to do the math. Bear with me…

Out of the last 51 days, I’ve been in West Palm 11 days. To break it down a little more, over the last three weeks, I’ve spent every day off from work in West Palm with the exception of two. And each time I’ve been down, there’s been a reason. I haven’t just been going down for the heck of it.

To get to the bottom of it, each trip boils down to a significant relationship. Now, don’t get all excited and think I’m talking about a boy. (Wouldn’t that be something to write home about?! Oh, Lord, help me…) As I’ve gotten older and matured, I’ve come to realize God has made me most passionate about relationships–with Him and with those He’s put in my life. That passion to develop and maintain meaningful relationships is part of what drove me to move back to Orlando two years ago. Eight of my most important relationships are here–my immediate family and two of my best friends. However, West Palm Beach is the place where I find the rest of my most important relationships–lifelong friends, mentors and their kids.

Since I moved, I’ve made it a point to continue nurturing my close relationships in West Palm Beach. That means, driving down for: baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties (adults and kids alike), births, deaths and sometimes just for the occasional weekend away. So…these last 51 days included several of those things. Times I am grateful I didn’t have to miss with my friends. For example…


Dec 3-6: First Relay Race with Friends

Dec 27-28: Meeting Baby Kade when he was 4 days old.

Jan 7-9: Helping to throw a baby shower for a friend of 10 years! YIKES! We're old!

Jan 18-19: Meeting the sweet baby girl of that friend of 10 years when she was not even 48 hours old.

Now…please don’t take this post the wrong way. I’m not saying, “Look at me! Look at the good I do.” It’s quite the contrary. Really, it’s just a reminder to me that outside of my relationship with God and others, there’s not much more in life that matters. Sure I put over 1,300 miles on my poor car in the last 51 days (just from road trips…never mind the day-to-day stuff). Sure I’ve been exhausted after not really having a day off at home to sit around and do nothing. But that doesn’t matter. It’s more important to me that I maintain thriving relationships with those God’s put in my life. It’s more important to me that my friends feel loved and valued.

And, really…this post has nothing to do with math. But, please let it be known that math is not my forte. I hate it.

Friends? Family? My forte. Love. 🙂


2 Responses to “Because I Need to Do the Math…”

  1. katiehobbie Says:

    “Friends? Family? My forte.”
    love that statement and it is so true for you.
    you are GOOD at loving us. 🙂

  2. dawn Says:

    We are so grateful you took the time and energy!

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