Conversations with Paul :: part four

His First School Picture. So Big!

Yesterday I took Paul to Disney for the last time before his pass expires on Saturday (sad :(). On the way there we were having all kinds of conversations about various topics. As we were pulling in the parking lot, the subject went to sports and the conversation went a little something like this…

Paul: Mimi, I will play golf with Daddy.
Me: Oh, that will be fun!
Paul: Yeah, but I will have to practice.
Me: Of course. With anything you need to practice in order to learn. Even if you want to play soccer, you will need to practice.
Paul: Oh yeah. I will play soccer, too. [PAUSE] Oh, and football. When I get big, I will play football.
Me: Football? Really? That’s kind of rough!
Paul: No it’s not. You put your hand on the ground and you put your hand on your knee. Then you run. Then you catch the football. If you don’t get it, you do it again. And, if you get hurt you just sit down.
Me: But what if you get hurt really bad?
Paul: Nooooo. You don’t. Football players wear hats so they don’t hurt their heads.

Seriously…how much do I love him?! šŸ™‚


One Response to “Conversations with Paul :: part four”

  1. Kati Says:

    Ha ha. He is so smart. šŸ™‚

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