[Almost] 9 Miles

So this time last year, my “long run” for the week was about 2.5 miles. And, trust me, that was pushing it. Well…what a difference a year can make. Yesterday, I did 8.85 miles!

I set out to go for a 9-mile run, but didn’t quite make it. I had mapped out a run beginning at church, weaving through downtown Windermere, passing the infamous neighborhood of Tiger Woods and finishing up at home. When I started the run, I was so determined to finish. The first three miles were on what seemed like a forever-long, mostly straight road. Fortunately, most of that portion was shaded and there was a nice breeze. The section of the run through downtown Windermere was nice, but around mile 5 I started to get pretty hungry. I decided to give myself a little walking break at 5.5 miles. After walking for three-quarters of a mile, I was ready to finish up and make it to my goal. What I didn’t realize was that the remainder of my run would be in direct sunlight. Around mile 7, I ran out of water. I tried really hard to push through, but the sun and heat was getting the best of me. At 8.4 miles I started walking again, and seeing that I was still almost 2 miles from home, I texted Matt to come pick me up (and bring water).

While I was a tad bit disappointed that I didn’t hit my goal, I am also proud of myself for trying and making it as far as I did. Yesterday’s run is also helping me mentally prepare for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. Being that it’s my first half marathon, I already know that I’m going to need to walk some. And, after yesterday’s experience, I’m more ok with that than I’ve been. I am not setting a time goal for the half marathon, but just the goal to finish. I’ll be happy with finishing. And, quite honestly, I’ll be happy it’s finished. I like the challenge of training, but I’m also ready to run without an upcoming race breathing down my neck.

So…this week’s long run? 10 miles. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂


4 Responses to “[Almost] 9 Miles”

  1. katiehobbie Says:

    yay for you!!!! i am so proud!

  2. Jama Kyle Says:

    You are going to do great!!!!

  3. Dad Says:

    Good Job!! Smart move calling for a ride and water.

  4. sunshinekmp Says:

    Good work. You’ll do great!!

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