Honoring Ava

I watched online today as Ava’s family and friends gathered to honor her life. I’m not sure how, but her Uncle Isaac (pastor of Summit Church) conducted an incredible service in memory of his little niece. I don’t have time to elaborate now, but a couple of things he said are sticking with me…

“Loss is not felt by those who aren’t first blessed.”

“You can’t muster up grief without realizing the blessing.”

“Childlike faith doesn’t mean having no questions. It means trusting your Father in the midst of your questions.”

Her grandfather Joel (Pastor of Northland Church) poignantly closed the service. Again, a couple of things he said are sticking with me…

“Ava lived a life that didn’t just touch people; her life changed people. God is not here just to give us what we want, but He will grant us intimacy with Him when we have what we don’t want. With each trial and tragedy we must decide again to trust, love and follow the only God.”

In a paraphrased version of Joshua 24:15, Joel also challenged those in attendance or watching online to “choose for yourself this day who you will serve. Whether that be the gods of culture and comfort in this world or the one God. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” What an incredible heritage of faith Ava grew up amongst, and now her life speaks of that faith even as she’s gone to be with Jesus. I’m incredibly grateful of those in my family who left a legacy of faith for my parents (and their parents, etc, etc) to follow. I can only hope that I can continue that and intentionally be a part of passing that along to my niece and nephew, and hopefully one day, my own children.

Let Ava’s life be an example to us all. Choose this day who you will serve…


One Response to “Honoring Ava”

  1. soflyphotog Says:

    this situation is constantly putting things into perspective for me. thanks so much for sharing all of this.

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