UPDATE: Etsy for Ava

By now you may have heard that on Sunday sweet Ava went to be with Jesus. As her Daddy said, “Ava has gone to be with Jesus. Thank you for your prayers. We are heartbroken for us, but know she is whole again. We serve a mighty God and are blessed by all of you. Continue to pray for Lisa, Noah and me as we walk the days ahead.” If you haven’t been to Ava’s Dad’s blog in the last day or so, I’d recommend reading his most recent post. While it is heartbreaking, you will also be encouraged by his faith in our God.

In honor of Ava and her family, we’re going to move forward with the Etsy for Ava fundraiser. Each shop owner who’d like to participate will still be responsible for listing and tagging their items, and then contributing the proceeds directly to the Ava Hunter Fund (details below). All funds will be made available to the family to use for whatever they need.

So…once again, here’s the bottom line and next steps…

  1. List and tag the item(s) you’d like to include in the sale by Wednesday, September 8. Use Ava Hunter as one of your tags and also include her name in the title of your item. Feel free to continue adding items as we go along as well.
  2. Help us continue to recruit participating shops, even after Wednesday. Let’s get as many people as possible involved. Have them email us at this email address for all the info and to let us know they’d like to participate. We’d like to be able to keep a current list of those participating so that we can be sure to thank everyone and also follow up regarding donations at the end.
  3. Help spread the word about the sale once the items are live. We will post blogs about it and we’ll be sure to send you a direct link listing the Ava Hunter search results on Etsy. Feel free to repost our blog addresses and/or the direct link to the search results. Also, feel free to use the “Etsy for Ava” art in this blog post as your Facebook profile picture or within your Etsy item photos. (Thanks to Katie of KT Photography & Design for creating that little image for us.)
  4. Donate your proceeds directly to the Ava Hunter Fund. From what we understand, donations can only be made by check. Any one wishing to contribute can send a check made payable to the “Ava Hunter Fund” to: Citizens Bank of Florida, Att: Jolene Burns. P.O. Box 620729, Oviedo, FL 32762-0729. We’ll find out if it’s possible to donate online.

Feel free to send this blog post to any Etsy shop owner you think may be interested in helping. And, of course, please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much!

On Wednesday, I’ll post a direct link to the Ava Hunter search results on Etsy to make shopping super easy for folks. Thanks for caring enough to honor the memory of sweet Ava and the courage of her family.


3 Responses to “UPDATE: Etsy for Ava”

  1. Sneha Says:

    I’ve put up my listings for the fundraiser. ❤

  2. Kim Says:

    So glad to be apart of this fundraiser for Ava and her amazing family! Join us on Etsy and type Ava Hunter in the search to see other shops particapating!! Thank you Amy and Kati for putting this together! 🙂

    visit my Etsy shop http://kimbals.etsy.com/

  3. amypaul Says:

    You can also get to the search results on Etsy by using this link— http://tinyurl.com/etsyforava


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