Running a Mile (or 278) in My Shoes

So…one year ago, I decided to prove to myself that I could complete a 5K race. I signed up, found a training plan and blogged about it. Along the way I’ve kept track of all my runs, so I thought it would be somewhat gratifying to take a look at my progression throughout the last year. For each month, I totaled the distance of my runs and then noted the longest run I had that month.

You can see some months were more productive than others. I definitely had some slumps thrown in over the last year. I know there are some of you out there that are just starting to run, so maybe this will serve as some encouragement to you. If I can do it, you can too!

July 2009
total running = 10 miles
longest run = 2 miles

August 2009
total running = 17.7 miles
longest run = 2.5 miles

September 2009
total running = 18.7 miles
longest run = 2.5 miles

October 2009
total running = 6.2 miles
longest run = 3.1 miles (first 5K race)

November 2009
total running = 23.1 miles
longest run = 3 miles

December 2009
total running = 9.5 miles
longest run = 3.1 miles (second 5K race)

January 2010
total running = 25.2 miles
longest run = 3 miles

February 2010
total running = 22.5 miles
longest run = 3.5 miles

March 2010
total running = 24.8 miles
longest run = 6 miles

April 2010
total running = 38.2 miles
longest run = 5 miles

May 2010
total running = 30.9 miles
longest run = 5 miles

June 2010
total running = 19.5 miles
longest run = 4 miles

July 2010
total running = 31.75 miles
longest run = 6.2 miles

TOTAL MILES for ONE YEAR = 278 miles

If you’re looking for running tips or motivation, check out this summary post for links to each of the posts I wrote in my “On Becoming a ‘Runner'” series.


4 Responses to “Running a Mile (or 278) in My Shoes”

  1. katiehobbie Says:

    i’m still annoyed that you waited until you moved away to become a runner. this is a cool post!

  2. Dad Says:

    Good Job!!

  3. Joshua Kolkana Says:

    This is so cool – I am proud of you and excited to run the 10K with you this weekend!

  4. Valerie Says:

    Way to go! You’ve gotten me motivated to get out there again (though I really need to replace my 3+ year old shoes…).

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