I Wanted…to Blog.

I wanted to blog, but today I don’t really have the time to write out all the things I’ve been wanting to. So, while visiting my friend Kelley’s blog (of Gongy & Squish), I saw this and thought it may be perfect for today…

I am…putting off getting ready for work.

I think…summer in Florida is wonderful.

I should…get back on track with my running schedule.

I dream…of getting back into a job that fully challenges and utilizes my God-given gifts and talents.

I want…to surf.

I know…I am loved by my God, my family and my friends.

I don’t like…fruit in my baked goods.

I smell…gross. I ran three miles in the 80-something-degree heat today.

I hear…the click-clacking of my computer keyboard.

I fear…doing something that would not be honoring to God.

I usually…have something sweet after every meal. (Don’t judge me.)

I search…for routine, consistency and “normalcy.” Whatever that means.

I miss…whoever I’m not with at the moment. Today that means WPB friends and my family.

I always…prefer the sun and heat over the rain.

I regret…not following through with some of my entrepreneurial business ideas.

I wonder…how life will be different a year from now.

I crave…consistency and routine. (See “I search…”) 🙂

I remember…far less than I wish I did.

I need…balanced time with people and by myself.

I forget…how badly my car needs to be washed until my 4-year-old nephew reminds me.

I feel…blessed.

I can…often take my many blessings for granted.

I can’t…believe Rachel’s wedding is in ONE WEEK! Time flies!

I am happy…to live close to my family.

I lose…Wii Bowling nine times out of ten when playing against Paul.

I sing…made up songs to Paulie and he loves them (or at least acts like he does).

I listen…to podcasts when I have the time. Specifically, Matt Chandler and Isaac Hunter.

I shop…far less often than I used to.

I eat…what I cook.

I love…my God, my family and my friends. Probably more than they’ll ever know.


2 Responses to “I Wanted…to Blog.”

  1. katiehobbie Says:

    stealing this. perfect mindless post. thanks amy and kelley.

  2. Joshua Kolkana Says:

    I had to laugh at the one about making up the songs – Jude always says,”Sing the (whatever) Song.” We spent several days trying to figure out what he meant, and then realized he just wanted us to make up a song about whatever he said – it always makes me smile.

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