triple C designs GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

**THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! But…don’t worry! You can still get awesome stuff over at triple C designs’ Etsy Shop!**

Sweet Cathleen of triple C designs has been a good friend of mine for (good grief) more than ten years now. Gosh, I’m old. She’s an art teacher who loves to create crafty things in her “spare” time. Her Etsy shop is chock-full of awesome little treasures.

For this fun giveaway, she’d like to award the winner with a wonderful mini journal and she’s willing to ship internationally!

So perfectly cute, right?!

The journal is a mini 4.5 x 3.25 inch composition notebook with 80 lined sewn in pages. Covered in Amy Butler paper, it is complete with a ribbon bookmark and label that can be used to date or title your journal.  Mini journals are perfect for keeping in the car, your purse/bag, or at your desk when you need to make a list or jot notes.  Cathleen is even offering the lucky winner free personalization with a monogram letter or name/word stamp of their choice!

How fun! Perfect for the organizer in all of us! 🙂

Now, let’s get to the good stuff…

Entering to win is simple…and just because I’m feeling generous, I’m going to give you LOTS of ways to get extra entries.


EARN EXTRA ENTRIES: You can earn an extra entry for any of the following. Be sure to leave a comment on this post for EACH thing you do.

  1. Mention this giveaway on your blog, Twitter or Facebook. Link back to this post. Leave a comment letting me know that you did.
  2. Add triple C designs as one of your favorite shops on Etsy. Leave a comment with your Etsy user name. If you already “heart” her shop, leave a comment letting me know.
  3. Become a fan of triple C designs on Facebook. Leave a comment letting me know that you did. If you’re already a fan, leave a comment letting me know. (Here’s the link to her fan page–!/pages/Triple-C-Designs/316139655502?ref=ts)
  4. Visit my sister’s blog and enter to win her giveaway. Leave a comment here letting me know that you did.

All entries must be received by Midnight (EST) on Thursday, May 20. PLEASE leave your email address if it is not visible on your profile. Winner will be notified on Friday, May 21. Winner will have 48 hours to respond or another will be chosen. She’s willing to ship internationally!

Check out Sew Mama Sew for an amazing list of blog giveaways! Tons to enter!


148 Responses to “triple C designs GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)”

  1. Wehaf Says:

    My favorite item: Mini Map Journal.

  2. Amber G Says:

    I love the Chandelier mini journal!

  3. Amber G Says:

    I heart tripe C Designs on Etsy – my Etsy username is Hurdler4eva

  4. Kristen Says:

    I like the California Map journal

  5. rose Says:

    I love journals, you can never have to many. I really like the Mini Map Journal, then I can take it with me on my travels! ambrerose(!at)

  6. Chani Says:

    I like the mini map journal! So cute!

  7. Sarah Robin Says:

    I love every mini journal in green colors!! But minimap journal is very funny!

    sarahrl at hotmail dot com

  8. Diana Says:

    My favorite is the Chandelier Mini Journal, I love how the black print looks on those colors.

  9. Diana Says:

    I hearted her shop as craftdart.
    Thank you and have a wonderful week!

  10. Rach W. Says:

    What a great giveaway!
    I also love the mini map journal!

  11. Ana Belén Says:

    Enter me please! I love Mini Map Journal


  12. Ana Belén Says:


  13. Ana Belén Says:

    Post it on FB:!/profile.php?id=100000825276857&v=wall&story_fbid=117827591587426&ref=mf

  14. Ana Belén Says:

    I’m a fan of triple C designs on Facebook (Ana Belén R M)

  15. Ana Belén Says:

    I entered in your sister’s giveaway

  16. Lydia Says:

    What a cute journal! This is exactly what I need. 🙂 I really like the mini map journal.

  17. Lydia Says:

    I entered your sister’s giveaway!

  18. grace Says:

    My favorite is the Vintage California Map Journal. ^^

  19. grace Says:

    I also entered the Two Florida Girls giveaway on your sister’s blog. ^_^

  20. Valerie Rix Says:

    I love the chandelier mini-journal!

  21. Valerie Says:

    I hearted the shop 🙂


  22. Sharon Says:

    My favorite item is the Vintage California Map Journal — I’m originally from San Francisco, and it brings back so many fond memories. 🙂

  23. burlap+blue Says:

    LOVE her Chandelier journal!!

  24. gustosa Says:

    i love the Mini Pink Distressed Journal

  25. gustosa Says:

    gustosa hearted triple c design at etsy

  26. gustosa Says:

    fb fan to triple c designs

  27. gustosa Says:

    blog post

  28. Alexen Says:

    Loving the chandelier mini journal!!

  29. Kerry Says:

    My favourite item in the shop is Fate! Too cool! Please enter me in the draw – thank you!

  30. Julia Says:

    I love the Mini Map Journal, I’ve always loved the look of maps.

  31. katie Says:

    i love the mini map journal!!! i love to write n journals everyday….more than once a day! can never have too many of these wonderful items, i would love to have such a cute one like the ones found in that etsy shop!

  32. Heather Says:

    I like the chandelier mini journal! Very pretty!

  33. very married Says:


    Those colors are beautiful!

  34. Melissa Says:

    Love the Greenleaf Journal. omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  35. Melissa Says:

    Hearted the shop, too! (name is melissa0785). omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  36. Danijela Says:

    I love mini jornal trio and abroud.

  37. kerry Says:

    i like the one in the mini set of 3 with blue grey background and cream print- they are really beautiful!

  38. Jo Says:

    I like the Greenleaf journal! 🙂


  39. SarahB Says:

    I visited her etsy store and really like the mini map journal! So cute!

  40. MelodyJ Says:

    I like Chandelier Mini journal.


  41. Annice Says:

    I just love her altered books!

  42. Andrea P. Says:

    I love the Amy Butler mini journals! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  43. Tazim Damji Says:

    I really like the look of the Mini Map Journal!

    tazimd at gmail dot com

  44. Tazim Damji Says:

    I entered the other giveaway!!

  45. Noreen Says:

    I love your map journals! Maps give things such an interesting look.

  46. Annabel Says:

    These journals are beautiful! My favorite is the chandeleir. Thanks for the giveaway! amo (at) zoic (dot) org

  47. celia Says:

    I liked the Mini Map Journal, very cute.

  48. Samy Says:

    I love the “Chandelier Mini Journal”!

    samyrocks92 at msn dot com

  49. Samy Says:

    I added triple C designs as one of my favorites etsy shops! (PrincessSamy)

  50. Samy Says:

    I became a fan of triple C designs on Facebook.

  51. Samy Says:

    I’m also entering your sister’s giveaway. 🙂

  52. rae Says:

    i love the map journal! i heart maps of all sorts. thanks for the opportunity! 😉

  53. Kelli Robinson Says:

    The altered vintage books are pretty cool.

  54. Jessie Hansen Says:

    I like their greenleaf journal.

  55. Jessie Hansen Says:

    I’m going to enter your sisters soon, I promise!

  56. Linda Kish Says:

    I love the mini pink distressed journal

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  57. Laurel Says:

    I like the chandelier mini journal or there’s one of the mini journal trios that I like. Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. desiree Says:

    I really like your Chandelier Mini Journal. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  59. desiree Says:

    I entered your sisters giveaway. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  60. Caroline Says:

    I love the Mini Map Journal.

    carbar79 at gmail dot com

  61. Amanda Says:

    I absolutely love the journals with the maps on them!

  62. Amanda Says:

    I “heart” the shop!

  63. Amanda Says:

    I visited your sister’s blog and entered. yeah!

  64. Teresa Says:

    That journal is beautiful! I love journals and journaling…

  65. Megan Says:

    I think the Amy Butler mini journals are fabulous! All are great!! Thanks so much!

  66. cami stewart Says:

    I love everything with maps.. so my fav is the mini map journal!

  67. cami stewart Says:

    I´m a fan on facebook.

  68. Liza Says:

    I think the Fate vintage book is great!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  69. katherine Says:

    I love the mini journals – so perfect for jotting down notes or making lists (my favorite) and stashing in a purse!

  70. katherine Says:

    I favorited them on Etsy! My username there is katherineloiry.

  71. Marci Says:

    Mini Journal Trio

  72. Nerissa Says:

    Apart the giveaway i really like the Mini Pink Distressed Journal from the collection as i think it is a beautiful colour and perfect for me to do my songwriting.

  73. Birgit Says:

    Cathleen’s Mini Map Journal is very cute! 🙂

    — Birgit

  74. Birgit Says:

    I put a link to Cathleen’s giveaway on the sidebar of my blog. 🙂

    — Birgit

  75. Birgit Says:

    Yes, I tried my luck at your sister’s giveaway. 🙂

    — Birgit

  76. Cassie Says:

    I love the chandelier journal.

  77. Janet Says:

    Love the Greenleaf Journal and know just what I’d use it for!

  78. Stephanie Says:

    I love the mini pink distressed journal. So cute and so my style!

  79. jenn Giannetto Says:

    i like the greenleaf journal

  80. jenn Giannetto Says:

    i am a new facebook fan

  81. Amber Says:

    I love the Mini Journal Trio – very cute!

  82. Suzanna Says:

    I like the Chandelier mini journal.

    zannidmail (at)

  83. bonnie Says:

    opps sent wrong entry please enter my name in your lovely giveaway, ladycolmn(at)aol(dot)com frpm Florida Gulf Coast area

  84. Candace Henderson Says:

    I am now a fan on facebook.
    Thanks for the great giveaway

  85. Candace Henderson Says:

    I love everything Chandelier…. and would love the mini chandelier journal! WOW so cute!

  86. Candace Henderson Says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway

  87. Melina Says:

    My favorite is the mini map journal.

  88. Melissa Says:

    I love the “Fate” book. Amazing work.

  89. Cara Says:

    I love the Mini Pink Distressed Journal! Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Cara Says:

    I hearted her shop username uscgwifey

  91. Cara Says:

    I liked her on facebook Cara G

  92. Erin Says:

    Loving the mini journal trio sets!

  93. miktha Says:

    My favorite is mini journal trio.
    Thanks for this chance!

  94. miktha Says:

    I enter you sister’s giveaway:
    thanks a lot for this chance

  95. Jolee Says:

    Love the Amy Butler fabric! So pretty. joleehamlin at comcast dot net

  96. Jolee Says:

    entered one of your sister’s giveaways. joleehamlin at comcast dot net

  97. *kate Says:

    I love the chandelier journal!

  98. *kate Says:

    I entered on your sister’s blog. 🙂

  99. Danielle Says:

    I love the Fun at Sea journal… they are all so nice!


  100. Heather H. Says:

    I like the Chandelier Mini Journal.
    jswandrn at gmail

  101. Marci J Says:

    I love the greenleaf journal

  102. Marci J Says:

    entered your sister’s giveaway

  103. Amanda A Says:

    the mini pink distressed journal is my favorite!

  104. Amanda A Says:

    I entered your sister’s giveaway

  105. Amanda A Says:

    I added her shop to my favorites Amanda Ayala/winnieayala

  106. Jessica Says:

    I like all of the mini trios.

  107. Lynne Says:

    I love the mini-map journal. What a great idea! Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. avalonne83 Says:

    I like Abroad.

    Great giveaway!
    Please count me in. Thanks.

    avalonne83 [at] yahoo [dot] it

  109. Kristen Says:

    I really just love the trio of journals. They are all so fabulous and gorgeous. I have been a long time journal writer. This would be a perfect addition to my collection.

  110. Chelsey Says:

    I like the Mini Journal Trio with the burgundy damask and green floral. Thanks for the giveaway.

  111. Chelsey Says:

    I entered your sister’s giveaway.

  112. Chelsey Says:

    I hearted Triple C designs on etsy. Yeslech

  113. djaj Says:

    I really love the Greenleaf Journal !

  114. djaj Says:

    I hearted the shop !

  115. beth Says:

    I “like” triple c on FB.

  116. beth Says:

    Honestly, I love the journal! It is such a great way for me to write down all of the wonderful little things my boys do to make me smile each day. Plus, I figure I will need to have evidence of their “sweeter” days once they are teenager ;o). Thank you so much for the chance to write down some memories.

  117. nitzan Says:

    i love them all…

    but the Mini Journal Trio fabric seem so perfect… (at) gmail (dot) com

  118. Mama Lusco Says:

    Mini journal trio set is my fave. Thanks for the great giveaway. luscofamily(at)

  119. Hootie Says:

    Crumbs! I was hoping the Molten Chocolate Cake was up for grabs! 😦

    Oh well, I do like journals too…not as much as chocolate, but I like them.

    Happy Wednesday from Indiana! 🙂

  120. Kelli Says:

    I would love the Chandelier mini-journal for my daughter!

  121. Donna Warrington Says:

    I love fate


  122. Donna Warrington Says:

    I “like” triple C on facebook

    Donna Hufman Warrington

  123. Donna Warrington Says:

    I “heart:” triple C on ETSY

    (ETSY username: 2Cats4Me)

  124. Donna Warrington Says:

    I entered your sister’s giveaway.


  125. EmilyB Says:

    I love the Greenleaf Journal

  126. EmilyB Says:

    I entered your sister’s giveaway

  127. Fel Says:

    I love the altered vintage book “fate”

  128. Fel Says:

    I entered your Sister’s giveaway 🙂

  129. Stacy Says:

    These are awesome giveaways!! Love the earrings! Thanks for giving!

  130. Stacy Says:

    Visited sisters blog/giveaway! Thanks again!

  131. Stacy Says:

    Love the chandelier journal at Tripe c designs, Thanks for giving!

  132. Marcia W. Says:

    Ooohed Ahhhed over the Greenleaf Journal in the shop. Personalize the journal with MW should I win it. Thank you for this giveaway. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  133. Marcia W. Says:

    I entered the giveaway at your sister’s blog. Thanks. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  134. JenniferB Says:

    I love the greenleaf journal

  135. Deb D Says:

    The Chandelier Mini Journal wins hands down! I am in love with chandeliers at the moment, LOL.

  136. Sue Says:

    Love anything journal and her’s look wonderful

    Good luck to all

    suefitz at yahoo dot com

  137. dam Says:

    I love fate !

  138. Deana Says:

    Secrets of Fate. I love love love books and this one would be awesome in my office/ library.

  139. sommerkind Says:

    I love the chandelier jopurnal.

  140. sommerkind Says:

    I also commented on your sister’s giveaway.

  141. Jennifer Says:

    The mini journals are all adorable!!

  142. Jennifer Says:

    Also, I entered your sister’s giveaway.

  143. Mujercita Says:

    I really like the Greenleaf Journal.

  144. turtle Says:

    how wonderful , that map design is lovely and great for a travel journal.

  145. LauraC Says:

    I like the mini map journal

  146. Crystal Says:

    Cute notebooks!! I also think that Fate is cool and unique:)

  147. Crystal Says:

    I added TripleCDesigns as a favorite on Etsy,mandrake witch

  148. AM Says:

    The greenleaf journal is my favorite!

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