On Becoming a “Runner” :: part 7

Upping the Ante

Well…here we are…pretty much my last post (for now) on how I’ve turned myself into what some of you consider a “runner.” (I still stand by the idea that I’m not a “runner”, but rather that I “go running.”) At any rate, I am currently at a place in my alleged transformation where it’s been necessary to up the ante; to push myself beyond what I ever would have imagined possible. After running three 5Ks, it was obvious that I’d need to find a new challenge in order to keep myself running. After all, at this point 3-mile runs are rather commonplace and not anything I need to train for anymore.

Originally, I planned to train for a 10K. However, one sunny day in March, I set out to run 6 miles with Matt even though I hadn’t worked up to that distance yet. While it wasn’t easy (or pretty), I finished the 6 miles in a little over an hour without stopping to walk once. Realizing that a 10K is 6.2 miles, I thought that since I went out and did 6 miles without even training, setting the bar a little higher for my next goal would probably be necessary in order to keep me engaged. And…that leads me to this…

I’ve been training for a half marathon for the last three weeks. (YIKES…I just said it…to more than the few people that already know!) I have been very apprehensive to say this because I’m scared I can’t do it. I haven’t even signed up for the race I’m training for yet because of the same reason. A few of us have agreed to train for Disney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon in October. From the time we decided, I had 26 weeks to train (which should be more than plenty). I found a 12-week training plan and mapped it out over the 26 weeks to give myself the time to gradually prepare mentally and physically. I completed week 4 from the schedule yesterday. Now, I just have to see if I can continue adding mileage each week in this BRUTAL Central Florida heat (that I love, except when I’m running, and then we’re not that great of friends). As of now this goal/challenge is simply in my head because I have yet to sign up. I know I need to register, but I’m so apprehensive. Oh man…

Palm Beach 5K

Alright…one more post coming on the subject of running and then I’ll move on. Stay tuned. 🙂


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