Royal Family 5K

Last Saturday, a group of us braved the FREEZING COLD and ran Disney’s Royal Family 5K. In December, Kati decided she wanted to do a 5K and so of course I signed up too. We were also joined by our friends Pam, Rachel, Becky, Gerry, Babita, Andrew and Holly. While the race was not officially timed because Disney deemed it a “fun run”, it was still a great experience and still far more organized than the second race I participated in. Here’s a quick recap of the festivities…

On Friday, Kati and I met up with Pam, Rachel and Becky to get our packets and check out the Expo. There was lots of fun stuff at the Expo and we even made a couple of purchases (more about that later).

We're official! (And Cadence is stinkin' cute!)

After leaving the Expo, we went to get the other girls all settled into their hotel and then hit up the outlet mall. I found some great Nike capri pants that I hoped would keep me semi-warm during the race. Later we all met Mom and Dad at Olive Garden for dinner. After that, I think everyone headed to bed since we’d be getting up really early the next morning.

On Saturday morning, I left the house at 5:30am (after I scraped ICE from my windshield) to pick up Kati and Dad from their hotel. We made our way to EPCOT and reluctantly got out of the heated car to meet up with everyone else.

Freezing, but ready to go!

The race started in the EPCOT parking lot at 7:00am. Being that this was my third 5K race, I knew I could easily run the entire 3.1 miles. I had run 3.5 earlier in the week without stopping, but during my last two races I had to stop and walk for a little bit. I was determined to run the entire time of this race.

Rachel and I ran together and kept a very steady pace. The run was nice. The first mile was outside of the park, but then most of the rest of the race was inside EPCOT around the World Showcase and in the front part of the park. There were characters (everyone you can think of) along the race course and people were actually stopping to take their picture…some of them even had lines! It was so funny to us! Even though the race wasn’t timed officially, Rachel and I were timing ourselves, so there was no way we were stopping for pictures! We ran the entire thing and finished at about 32:40(ish).

We did it!

We got our medals (not so “medaly”…they were made of vinyl!) and ran back to the bleachers to cheer on the rest of our group! Kati, Pam and Babita finished together and they did so great! Oh…and remember that purchase from the Expo I mentioned? Here it is…when Kati and I saw these long-sleeved running shirts, we HAD to have them!


In case you can't read them...."I'm only doing this so I can post a picture on Facebook." LOVE IT!

After our race, we headed over to the Wide World of Sports for Paul’s race! He did such a great job and was so proud of his medal. Love that kid! 🙂

Waving to his fans!

My favorite!

So…next up? MAYBE training for a 10K. There is some talk of it…we shall see. 🙂

Check out Kati’s blog for her take on her first 5K!


3 Responses to “Royal Family 5K”

  1. sunshinekmp Says:

    I am considering another 5k,……but I don’t see a 10k in my future.

  2. kelley Says:

    Great job girls! That little Paul is too cute for words! I want to run a 5K this year too. We’ll see what happens. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. Sarah P Says:

    OMG, Cadence is SO beautiful! Love the pic of you and your sis and that beautiful baby! And way to go on the race sporty spice!!

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