New Earrings. New Etsy Shop.

New Earrings from whimZy.

How much do I love these adorable new earrings from Etsy?! They are so cute…and so pink! Love them! And at $5 plus shipping, they couldn’t be any more affordable!

My earrings came from a new Etsy shop called “whimZy.” My friend Kimberly recently opened her shop and these earrings are some of her latest creations. You should really check out her shop. She’s got all kinds of fun creations. She’s so talented and she’s super sweet! Even if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, ask her! She may be able to create something just for you!

And, speaking of Etsy…I saw this article over on The Curious Pug’s blog and thought it had some great tips for Etsy shop owners. Just thought I’d share.

Happy weekend to most of you! (Today’s my Tuesday.) 🙂


One Response to “New Earrings. New Etsy Shop.”

  1. katiehobbie Says:

    those are SO CUTE!

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