Conversations with Paul :: part three

Paulie loves his friends Buzz and Woody.

I should have written this post a long time ago, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. You may recall that my most adorable three-year-old nephew is crazy about Toy Story. And, he has really developed a friendship with the one and only Buzz Lightyear. He was given his own Buzz Lightyear toy shortly before his little sister was born. He played with his little 8-inch Buzz all the time, making him talk and fly. Somewhere along the way, Paul decided he needed a “big Buzz.” No one’s sure where he got this idea since we don’t think he’d ever seen a “big Buzz” at the time he started bringing it up. And, the first time Paul told me about this “big Buzz,” the conversation went a little something like this…

Paul: Mimi, I tell Mommy I need to go to the store.
Me: What store do you need to go to?
Paul: I tell Mommy I need to go to Target!
Me: Why do you need to go to Target? Do you need to get something?
Paul: Yes! I tell Mommy I need a big Buzz.
Me: Oh, Buddy, it’s almost Christmastime. I think a big Buzz is a good thing to ask for for Christmas.
Paul: Mimi, I tell Mommy I need big Buzz now!
Me: Do you have money to buy big Buzz?
Paul: Yes!
Me: How much does he cost?
Paul: I don’t know!
Me: Ok, Paul. I think you could ask for a big Buzz for Christmas.
Paul: Ok. I ask Grammy and Pops.
(At which point, I gave Paul the phone and he called my Dad. He told my Dad almost exactly what he told me about the big Buzz.)

I believe the above conversation happened in late October or early November. After that, Paul stopped to look at the “big Buzz” at Target or Disney or wherever he saw them. He would push all the buttons and check him out. Funny enough, he never asked to bring Buzz home with him. I guess he just trusted that Christmas was coming.

On Christmas Eve, Paul and I ran to Target to pick up a couple of last minute things and he said…

Visiting Buzz on Christmas Eve.

Paul: Mimi, we need to go see Buzz. I just know Santa will bring him to me!
Me: Alright, Buddy, let’s go see him.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. I love him (Paulie, not Buzz). He makes my heart so very happy.

And, in case you’re wondering…yes, Santa did come through and Paulie did get his big Buzz for Christmas. 🙂


One Response to “Conversations with Paul :: part three”

  1. Emily Says:

    all the pequenos at the BLC got Big Buzz for Christmas! 🙂

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