It’s Official: I’m an Employed Graduate.

Well…it’s official. On Saturday, I accepted my diploma cover, shook a few hands, smiled for a few pictures and walked across a long stage in my second Palm Beach Atlantic University graduation ceremony. Funny enough, I was the next to last person to be called in the ceremony! That was so funny to me…having a last name that starts with “P,” I don’t think that’s ever come close to happening to me. At any rate, I am officially finished with my Master’s in Organizational Leadership. Crazy!

Definitely official.

And, then…on Monday, I started my new job at Give Kids The World Village in Kissimmee. I’m excited about it! Job or no job, God is good, but once again He is proving His faithful provision in my life. And…who wouldn’t love a job where orientation day starts out with a big “hello” from Mickey and Minnie?! 🙂

All in a day's work.


One Response to “It’s Official: I’m an Employed Graduate.”

  1. katie Says:

    so proud of you and happy for you, sweet amy. not only for the diploma and the new job, but for the fact that you are able to give GOD all the glory for these accomplishments.

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