[Still A] “Runner” in Training

Tonight I realized that we are officially one month away from the Tower of Terror 5K! Wow! If you missed this post, in July I decided to train for a 5K…and here we are, one month away.

I’ve been keeping to my schedule with only a few bumps in the road here and there. I am confident that I’ll be able to run the 5K with no problem. I even decided to set a goal for the race. My goal is to finish in 30 minutes. I think it’s totally doable.

It’s safe to say that, even after almost two months of “training,” I still don’t love running. But I will also swallow my pride and admit that I don’t hate it as much as I used to.

So, one month-ish from now be on the look up for an update about the race. I’ll be sure to include pictures…especially one with my medal! 🙂


2 Responses to “[Still A] “Runner” in Training”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Way to go, girlfriend! Good luck!

    Wanted to let you know that the person who received the cozy from my blog giveaway absolutely loves it. She said she was the envy of all her co-workers this morning, and she’s thinking about ordering one as a gift for a friend. 🙂

  2. katiehobbie Says:

    yay! can’t wait! i wish i could run it with you…(is it full?) i think you’ll definitely finish before 30 minutes…you’ll be surprised what adrenaline and running with a ton of other people can do for you.

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