CHANDA: what it is, how we do it and the first Chanda Family Weekend

Alright…so I wanted to do part of this post several months ago, but I just never got around to it. Better late than never, right? 🙂

When I went to a friend’s college graduation in May, word spread amongst her and her friends that my friends and I still keep in touch even eight years after our graduation. The million dollar question was, “How do you do that?!” And, it was that question that I wanted to answer in a blog post. So, I’ll get to that. But, first…a little background.

n758034224_278040_4852CHANDA :: what is is
Chanda = five of my dearest friends from college. The six of us traveled to London together in the fall of 2000 and one of our rooms had a chandelier for a light. We began calling “her” Chanda. We decorated her, dressed her up and then somehow adopted the name for ourselves. Feel free to laugh–the name is still very silly to us too–but I would not trade the friendship of those girls for anything. We know just about everything there is to know about each other–the good and the bad.

IMG_3502CHANDA :: how we do it
We keep up with each other by rotating through a weekly update email list (one person a week for six weeks and then we start over again). It sounds simple enough, but it does take some coordination. With anything, it just takes someone to keep things moving. So, every 6 weeks or so, I send an email to all the girls with a “schedule” that we use as a guide. It’s not totally strict or stringent, but it just helps us keep on track. If memory serves me correct, we’ve been doing the weekly email update rotation since 2003.

About six years ago, we agreed to set aside Labor Day weekend as our annual reunion weekend. We are committed to that weekend and it’s pretty sacred. It’s amazing to see that each year, we pick up right where we left off. We can still make fun of each other, tell the same stupid jokes, eat the same junk food and sit around in our pajamas all day without a care in the world. We have Chanda babies now (thanks to Shanel, Katie and Sarah), but things go on. The babies come along for the weekend and we adjust as needed.

IMG_1154FIRST EVER :: Chanda Family Weekend
This year we moved our typical Chanda Weekend to March and traveled to Raleigh to surprise Sarah (read about that here, if you missed it). Sarah and her family are moving to Africa (check out their blog for the latest on that), so we knew she wouldn’t be able to make it for our normal September weekend. Throughout the spring and early summer, we discussed the possibility of doing a Chanda Family Weekend on Labor Day Weekend. All the plans came together beautifully and for the first time I spent this Labor Day Weekend with three of my closest friends and their families (husbands and kids included). It was so fun to see the kids play together and to enjoy time with my friends’ wonderful husbands. We ate meals together, played on the beach and introduced the kids to our favorite junk foods–queso, white trash and cake balls. We missed the Prince and Troxell families more than I could express, but I’m grateful that we had this time together. I love my friends. I love their families. And I’m so incredibly grateful that God has given us each other. Here’s a few more pictures from the weekend…

Enjoying the sunset on the balcony.

Enjoying the sunset on the balcony.

Learning to surf.

Learning to surf.

The littlest Chanda. :)

The littlest Chanda. 🙂

Queso for dinner...teaching them early. :)

Queso for dinner...teaching them early. 🙂

Love. <3



6 Responses to “CHANDA: what it is, how we do it and the first Chanda Family Weekend”

  1. Cat Says:

    everyone should have their own chanda : )

  2. katiehobbie Says:

    *sigh* that’s all i can say. i’m putting a pingback to this on my blog right now. thanks for summing things up so i don’t have to. 🙂 love you!

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  4. Shanel Says:

    loved this…thanks AP!

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