You Have All That You Need…And Then Some: a conversation with God

Forgive me…I promised this post a long time ago. Better a longer wait than never, eh?

Alright…so basically the story goes a little something like this.

After living in West Palm Beach for eleven years, I moved back to the Central Florida area in October (2008). I moved here without a job, without a place of my own and without more friends than I could count on one hand. Many days since my move have found my mind focused on the things/people/circumstances I DON’T have in Central Florida.

On one such day, I was driving and praying. In the middle of giving my list of “needs” to God,–Lord, I need a job. Lord, I need some friends. Lord, I need a place to live that’s mine. Lord, I need…Lord, I need…Lord, I need…–I heard His characteristically still, small voice. He said (and I quote), “You have all that you need…and then some.”

I stopped. And, started thinking. Indeed…I have all that I need…AND THEN SOME.

  • I have a roof over my head (AND then some bed to sleep in…).
  • I have three meals a day (AND then some frivolous snacks…AND then some coffee).
  • I have enough money to keep driving my car (AND using my cell phone).
  • I have car insurance (AND then some health insurance).
  • I have so many people who I consider close/good friends (AND then some new potential friends in Central Florida).
  • I have a family who loves me and supports me (AND seems to like having me nearby).
  • I have a God who knows me (AND then loves me in spite of that).

So…there you go. I don’t deserve any of this…and the list could go on and on. God doesn’t owe me anything. And, this isn’t anything I didn’t already know. But this short conversation with God has carried me for weeks.

Of course, I find it nearly impossible to remember this perspective every minute of every day, but I’m trying. And, it’s a moment by moment choice.


2 Responses to “You Have All That You Need…And Then Some: a conversation with God”

  1. Kami Kolkana Says:

    Thanks,Amy, your blog encouraged me.

  2. katie Says:

    love this post. even though all our situations are different, the facts are true for all of us (especially based on the fact that we live in America). it is very easy to forget God’s simple blessings. i’m going to keep that “and then some” in mind for next time my attitude drifts toward what i think i require to be happy. thanks friend!

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