Organizational Change :: Vision [2]

Moving on with part of my final paper from the Leading Organizational Change course I just completed. If you’re lost, check out yesterday’s post.

And here’s some more…quoted directly from my paper…


A convincing vision is the foundational driving force behind any successful organization and change effort. While there are innumerable benefits to a thought out vision statement, following are six that coincide with the letters in the word “vision.”


While providing a picture of the future of an organization, a vision that motivates teams to take steps toward change also provides significant value and purpose to those actions. In many ways—socially, emotionally and monetarily—the value an organization receives from a compelling vision statement cannot be tangibly measured.

Leaders should take great care in crafting a statement that will help their teams grasp the purpose behind the impending change. By answering questions like, “How does this change add purpose and value to our decisions and actions?” leaders can give their teams a sense of the greater picture. Ultimately, Kouzes and Posner suggest that leaders be “convinced of the value of that vision themselves and share that genuine belief with others.”


Creating an effective and compelling vision requires both head and heart. Visions that inspire create an emotional connection with team because most individuals are looking to be a part of something greater than themselves. Good leadership will inspire action and change with a vision that demands a response.

As it relates to the process of change, leaders are charged with some of the most difficult tasks. After determining the vision for their organization, they must take what is intangible and make it concrete. By using powerful language and positive communication, leaders can inspire their teams to move forward in appropriate action. A compelling vision motivates everyone involved—even those on the fringe of an organization—to see the future dream become a reality. This hope for a new future reality, “breathes life into a vision [and by] making the intangible vision tangible, leaders ignite constituents’ flames of passion” (Kouzes & Posner).

[Kouzes, J. & Posner, B. (2006). Enlist others. In J. V. Gallos (Ed.) Organizational development a Jossey-Bass reader (pp. 518-539). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.]


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