tripleCdesigns GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

**THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! But…don’t worry! You can still get awesome stuff over at tripleCdesigns’s Etsy Shop.**

Alright…here we go…the first of FIVE giveaways. Enter to win this one and come back Monday for even more!

Looking for a unique, handmade, personalized gift? Have a hard time shopping for the person that has everything? Or just looking for something to spoil yourself with?

You must check out tripleCdesigns Etsy shop. The shop’s creator, Cathleen, is an elementary school art teacher and she loves creating one of a kind items that you have to see to believe. Her vintage altered books make great picture frames or also hold their own as a wonderful piece of art. She also creates chic journals that are perfect for note taking, journaling, doodling or list making.

This giveaway is for a Tropical Mini Journal. The 4.5 x 3.25 inch composition notebook has 80 lined sewn in pages. Covered in paper with a tropical floral design on the outside and stripes on the inside, it is complete with a ribbon bookmark and label that can be used to date or title your journal. This journal is perfect for keeping in the car, your purse/bag, or at your desk when you need to make a list or jot notes.

Isn’t it cute?



This great little mini journal can be yours! Here’s how…


  • Visit tripleCdesigns etsy shop, browse around and then leave a comment on this post with an item you like from the shop. (One comment per person.)

EARN EXTRA ENTRIES: You can earn an extra entry for any of the following. Be sure to leave a comment on this post for EACH thing you do.

  1. Mention this giveaway on your blog. Link back to this post AND tripleCdesigns.
  2. Tweet about this giveaway. Leave the link to your Tweet in your comment on this post. You can copy and paste: Win a mini journal!
  3. Add tripleCdesigns as one of your favorite shops on Etsy. Leave a comment with your Etsy name.

All entries must be received by Midnight (EST) on Friday, May 8. PLEASE leave your email address if it is not visible on your profile. Winner will be notified on Saturday, May 9. Winner will have 48 hours to respond or another will be chosen. Your shipping address must be in the United States. (Sorry no international shipping.)

Check out Mom Most Traveled for an amazing blog giveaway carnival! Tons of giveaways to enter!


93 Responses to “tripleCdesigns GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)”

  1. Cat Says:

    thanks Amy! you are forever my etsy agent!

  2. Jennifer Stewart Says:

    I added you as a favorite!

  3. Jennifer Stewart Says:

    I love the triple journal set. I have 2 sisters, so I would love for us each to have one. Very sweet. Thanks for the cute giveaway, too!

  4. Audrey Says:

    Wonderful Give away!! I really like this item:

  5. Jennifer Magnesi Says:

    I love this sea foam botanical journal

  6. Jennifer Magnesi Says:

    Added you as a favorite!

  7. Bethany Says:

    What a beautiful shop! I think that this is my favorite:

    I added tripleCdesigns as one of my favorites on Etsy 🙂 My Etsy nick is raevyn77

    I tweeted about the contest too!

  8. Rachel h Says:

    I love the Norwegian Flower altered book art! I actually like ALL of the altered book art! What a great idea!!!!!!

  9. Rachel h Says:

    I tweeted!

  10. Rachel h Says:

    Added her to favorites!

  11. Tanya Says:

    I love the Sea Foam Botanical Journal

  12. Chrissy Says:

    I love Fate. The skeleton key on the front is the perfect touch and it can be used as a wall hanging. Very creative!

  13. JJ Says:

    I love the Floral in the Round Journal! Journals are so much fun, especially getting a blank, new one…

  14. SarCraw Says:

    I really like the Mini Distressed Journal.


  15. SarCraw Says:

    I tweeted the contest!


  16. SarCraw Says:

    I favorited the shop on Etsy (sarahbcrawford)


  17. Stephanie Says:

    Love the Floral Starburst Mini Journal.

  18. jacque Says:

    I love,love the vintage book hanging called True Love. Its so one of a kind! I like this giveaway. thanks!

  19. Shanda Says:

    My favorite is the Mini Floral Journal!

  20. mindy Says:

    i like the sea foam botanical journal thanks for the giveaway

  21. Wehaf Says:

    I like the Mini Map Journal. I love maps!

  22. mskayz Says:

    I like the Floral in the Round Journal. My daughter would love it!!

  23. Valerie Says:

    Sea Foam Botanical Journal

  24. Kym Says:

    my favorite is this bohemian journal

  25. Kym Says:

    I made tripleCdesigns a favorite shop =)

  26. Lisa C Says:

    I love the Fly Again journal and the triple journal set…one can Never have too many journals!

  27. AmandaK Says:

    I would absolutely love the Citrus Bohemia Journal!


  28. delaney55 Says:

    I like this one:

    Sea Foam Botanical Journal

  29. tealstripes Says:

    I make books too! I’ve also made a couple altered books and am currently making some hollow books for my Etsy shop for the future…

    I really like this particular work she made:

    because she turned it into a piece of art for the wall, rather than just doing stuff to the book but still use it as a book….

  30. Heather S Says:

    I adore the FLY again journal!

  31. Triple C Designs Giveaway - Ends - 05-08-2009 Says:

    […] […]

  32. Deborah R Says:

    I like the Mini Map Journal – it’d be sweet to have one for different places you travel, even here in the US.

  33. Deborah R Says:


  34. Deedles Says:

    I like the Mini Journal Trio.

  35. Paula H Says:

    I really like the Tropical Journal.

  36. Maura Says:

    I love tripleCdesigns – such cute items. I think my favorite is the minimap journal or the mini floral journal. Great blog too by the way!

  37. chris swan Says:

    I love the book fate. I love the key!

  38. kim v Says:

    I like the Floral in the Round journal.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. Terra Heck Says:

    One item I really like is the Sea Foam Botanical Journal.

  40. Terra Heck Says:

    I added tripleCdesigns as a favorite on Etsy. My Etsy username is partymix25.

  41. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Says:

    I like the mini map journal, but those altered books are so lovely as well!
    I like Fly Again!

  42. So Many Giveaways This Week! « Says:

    […] tripleCdesigns Mini Journal Giveaway […]

  43. marge mckeon Says:

    I love the littlle floral journal so cute

  44. Amber Says:

    My favorite is the Citrus Bohemia Journal!

  45. nicole schellhas Says:

    aw the Mini Journal Trio is super cute!! love it!

  46. Mary Casper Says:

    I like the sea foam botanical journal

  47. ChristieC Says:

    Citrus Bohemia Journal is my favorite

  48. lisa Says:

    I like the mini journal trio.

  49. PlumbPretty Says:

    I like the tropical journal.

  50. Alice Says:

    I love the mini map journal.

  51. Maria Says:

    Mini Distressed Journal is lovely:)

  52. susan lee wiener Says:

    I love the floral journal. They’re all so pretty.

  53. susan varney Says:

    i like the Mini Floral Journal

  54. Jess Russell Says:

    I definitely like the tropical journal. Thanks for the chance to win!

  55. Kelly Says:

    What a beautiful gift .

  56. kasey Ainsley Says:

    You are the coolest journal maker in the whole world! I love the FLY Again and and the Citrus Distress journal. So talented!

  57. M.a. Says:

    I like the mini-map journal. Great for roadtrips!

    mnicolaysen11 (at)

  58. Melody Says:

    The FLY again journal is my favorite.

  59. crystal Says:

    I think that FATE -The Secrets of Fate altered book looks beautiful!!

  60. Darcy Says:

    My fave item from her shop is the Mini Floral Journal.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  61. meredith Says:

    I love the “norwegian flower” book! Especially since I’m half Norwegian!

  62. meredith Says:


  63. Pamela S Says:

    I love the “Citrus Bohemia Journal”. Thanks.

  64. Anna Says:

    I just love the California Map Journal! How creative and unique!

  65. Anna Says:

    Stunningannak hearts tripleC!

  66. Anna Says:

    Here’s a tweet!

  67. Ann Says:

    I like the Citrus Bohemia journal!

  68. Ann Says:

    I faved TripleCDesigns on etsy! (quelleheure4)

  69. Ann Says:


  70. sunnymum Says:

    I like the Shades of Red Mini Journal Trio. Cute prints! Thanks!

  71. Monique Rizzo Says:

    The Norwegian Flower is beautiful!! Thanks for the chance.

  72. dorothy l Says:

    Mini Journal Trio is my favorite con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

  73. dorothy l Says:

    I added the shop to my etsy favorites my id is luckyrosiescreations

  74. Joannie Says:

    I really love the Norwegian Flower! What nice journals!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  75. A Casson Says:

    Norwegian flower. Looks quaint and old fashioned and thats what I like.

  76. John Squires Says:

    Ooooh the fun at sea journal is decadent!

  77. Susan Ledet Says:

    I love the beautiful Fun at Sea!

  78. Susan Ledet Says:

    I added you to my favorites in Etsy. You do beautiful work.

  79. Sarah Says:

    I love the Truelove book frame.

  80. kristi blackstone Says:

    Citrus Bohemia Journal is my fav!!!!

  81. Kelsey Kaysen Says:

    I love the tropical journal!

  82. Kelsey Kaysen Says:

    I tweeted at:

  83. Peggy Gorman Says:

    Love the Citrus Bohemia Journal,ao neat looking!

  84. Peggy Gorman Says:

    I faved TripleCDesigns on etsy!

  85. Gayle Says:

    Ireally like the Crimson Damask Journal. Thanks

  86. Peter Steinle Says:

    My favorite is the Mini Distressed journal.

  87. emily l Says:

    Mini-map journal! They’re all so sweet!

  88. kathy pease Says:

    i love the Tropical Journal

  89. Veronica Garrett Says:

    I like the Crimson Damask Journal.

  90. Jennifer Jozwiak Says:

    i like the citrus bohemia journal.

  91. Gianna Says:

    I love the Mini Map Journal 🙂

  92. Charlene Kuser Says:

    I love the Vintage California Map Journal.So cute,thanks for the

  93. The Obligatory New Year’s Post « Says:

    […] tripleCdesigns Giveaway (395 views) […]

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