Thriving in 24/7 :: Strategies 4,5,6

Continued from my paper for school about Sally Helgesen’s book Thriving in 24/7.

Strategy Four: Weave a Strong Web of Inclusion

Creating a strong network is critical in today’s world of work. No organization or individual can expect to be successful in today’s global marketplace without a network of interconnected partnerships and relationships. “Networks are powerful in proportion to their size” (p. 171) and, whether via email, phone call or social networking sites, Helgesen recommends individuals work on increasing the size of their web every day.

Strategy Five: Build a Clear Brand

Just as companies and organizations strive to develop a distinguishing brand in their markets, Helgesen suggests that individuals create a personal brand. Personal branding is a way to “publicly express our core values” (p. 204). This comes through in the “day-to-day details of how you operate” and “being consistent is the most crucial aspect of establishing your brand” (p. 208). Delivering consistently excellent projects, results or products will increase the value of your personal brand, and therefore increase your value to organizations.

Strategy Six: Practice the Rhythm of Renewal

No one can function in the world of 24/7 work and thrive without taking necessary steps to rest. Helgesen recommends incorporating “acts of renewal into our daily lives” (p. 228). Something as simple as getting outdoors for thirty minutes a day helps to disrupt the routine of the day, allowing the mind to refresh. Multitasking should also be avoided.


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