Thriving in 24/7

I just finished reading a book for school–Thriving in 24/7 by Sally Helgesen. I thought it was pretty good, and since I had to write a four page paper on it, I thought I’d share some of that paper here. I think the principles of the book are applicable in just about every arena of life. It’s a good quick read. If you’re looking for some beach side summer reading, you might want to check it out. 🙂

Book Synopsis

Sally Helgesen’s book, Thriving in 24/7: Six strategies for taming the new world of work, offers thought provoking perspectives on the way individuals approach and perceive their work. In a world where the meaning behind the term “work” is rapidly evolving, Helgesen suggests we are involved in a new game, but still trying to play by the old rules. Some approaches to work are changing simply because organizations no longer operate as they did in other eras (for example, the industrial era). Still other rules for work are shifting due to the increasing role of technology in the workplace. Technology makes work portable and accessible, “raising our expectations (and those of our employers) about how much we might reasonably achieve” (p. 20).

In this new world, individuals are looking for ways to take control of their work, rather than being swallowed by ever-growing to-do lists. In the last few decades, life and work have become increasingly complex. Technologies and conveniences meant to simplify life have bombarded people with options, knowledge and choices that did not previously exist. In order to keep up, people do their best to work harder and more efficiently. Sadly, even the most “heroic efforts at self discipline often have the effect of robbing us of spontaneity and the capacity for joy, leaving us wondering exactly what our lives are really about” (p. 3). 

In the next post, I’ll share three of her six strategies. I know you can’t wait… 🙂


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