Thriving in 24/7 :: Strategies 1,2,3

Continued from my paper for class…

In an effort to offer practical steps for navigating this new world of work, Helgesen outlines six strategies that should be applicable for any individual.

Strategy One: Start at the Core

Because it is critical that individuals be fully engaged in their work, Helgesen recommends starting with a thorough understanding of one’s self. Having a good understanding of what an individual has to offer will allow them to understand how their gifts and abilities can intersect with potential opportunities. It is critical for individuals to ask, “Who am I and how do I want to spend my days?” (p. 56). Re-evaluating answers to questions like these on a regular basis will assist individuals in developing a healthy self awareness.

Strategy Two: Learn to Zigzag

There is no “normal” or “conventional” path to life today. The seasons and stages that were once typical can no longer be assumed. This is especially true as it relates to work. While the past had its comforts, the new world of work offers a great amount of freedom. To thrive in the new global workforce, adaptability is key. In order to support the idea of zigzagging, Helgesen suggests learning to “think in terms of projects, engagements, gigs” (p. 101). Generation Y seems to have a natural bent toward this way of thinking. “Younger people today think of their jobs as classes or workshops, in which they can learn essential skills” (p. 102). Learning new skills and then applying that learning to previously gained knowledge gives workers a well-rounded approach and allows greater adaptability to various fields and industries.

Strategy Three: Create Your Own Work (Even If You Stay in Your Job)

As individuals seek to create value and worth in their work, organizations are becoming a reflection of the people comprising them. It is important that individuals integrate their passions into their work. Helgesen suggests “when we find ways to manifest our passions in our work, we create something that is unique to us as individuals. In essence, we claim our work as our own” (p. 136). Aligning work and passion is a diverse manifestation of the individuals involved.

Next up…strategies 4,5,6. Come on…get excited! 🙂


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