Thoughts From Church

For the last few of weeks, Isaac (the pastor at Summit Church) has been going through Moses’ story in Exodus. This week he tackled the plagues and he said a few things that I took note of and thought I’d share. See if any of these strike a chord with you…

“What God calls us to always requires His presence and power. If not, it’s too small of a dream.”

“God is the first place Moses goes to with his frustration, even at his moments of highest capacity.” (Isaac noted that this was part of what made Moses such an incredible leader.)

“We refuse to accept the call of God on our lives until ‘tomorrow,’ even if we hate where we are right now.” (This was related to Pharoah’s response in Exodus 8:10. When Moses told Pharoah that he could decide when the plague would end, Pharoah said, “Tomorrow.” Isaac’s point was…”why didn’t he say RIGHT NOW?!”)

“Don’t let things you don’t understand get in the way of you obeying what you do understand.”

Just a little to think about…good stuff if you ask me. 🙂

I’d encourage you to check out his podcast too…they update it each week with his sermons. Click here for the podcast info.


One Response to “Thoughts From Church”

  1. Bob Says:

    Thanks AP! Definitely all are worth thinking about and I’d have a hard time thinking most, if not all, don’t strike some type of chord with each of us. The second and third ones are resonating with me today… ‘tomorrow’ seems to be a way easier answer than ‘right now’. Somehow it never turns out as well as it would have though!

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