Showing Some More Love for Tenth Avenue North

tenthavenuenorth-01-bigI mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Tenth Avenue North is up for a Dove Award and we can help them by voting! I got an email from them this week that I thought I’d post here if you are interested in helping to rock the vote and get the word out about these guys.




Here’s the email they sent…

The 40th Annual GMA Dove Awards are less than a month away and for those of you who haven’t voted yet, remember you can help Tenth Avenue North win New Artist of the Year by voting up to two times: online by text message (Send DOVE AVENUE to 72648). To those of you who have already voted both ways, THANK YOU! Want to do more to help Tenth win? Consider some of the following ways you can ask your family and friends to make Tenth Avenue North GMA’s New Artist of the Year:  

1. Send an e-mail encouraging people to vote both online and by text message with instructions to vote both ways (including a direct link to vote online).
2. Send a mass text message to people on your phone list asking them to send DOVE AVENUE to 72648 and also visit to vote online.
3. Update your Facebook status to encourage your friends to vote for Tenth by text message and include a link to vote online (copy & paste:
4. Create an event on Facebook asking your friends to vote both online and by text message. Encourage your friends to invite other people (using the event) who might want to support Tenth.
5. Send a personal message out to your friends on Facebook (by sending a message or using the Notes application and tagging your friends).
6. Post the voting link in a Twitter update, and ask your followers to text in their vote, too. 

7. Send a bulletin out to your friends on MySpace.

8. Post voting information on your blog
or web site.
9. Stand on a busy street corner and ask strangers to vote.

10. Whatever else you can think of…within reason, of course!
Thank you so much for all of your continued support! You guys are the best!

So…if you know and love these guys (or even if you don’t know them and you just want to do a good deed for the day), go vote and then help get the word out! Thanks, friends!

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