Living Facebook Free

So, as you may or may not know, I gave up Facebook for Lent. First, I need to say that I don’t think I’ve ever given up something for Lent. I did not grow up observing the forty days prior to Easter as such, but I just felt like I should do it this year. The church I’ve been going to (Summit Church in Orlando) is observing it, so I decided it was a good excuse to pry myself off of Facebook for a time.

I considered the other typical things–chocolate, sweets, Starbucks–but I honestly felt that activity on Facebook would be more of a sacrifice for me. And, if you’ve seen my Facebook activity in the past, you probably agree.

One question I get a lot is: “Did you delete the application off your iPhone?” And, the answer is “no.” I considered doing that, but then just decided to move it to page four of my apps on my phone which has nothing else on it. So…it’s still there, but I haven’t been tempted to get on it via my phone because I can’t see the little icon.

It’s been 20 days, which means I’m halfway through. Honestly, it wasn’t hard at first, but as time has gone on I’ve found myself missing it some. I miss knowing what’s going on with people and keeping up with the daily commentary that is the Facebook Newsfeed.

So…there it is. Amy Paul gave up Facebook for Lent. It’s true. 

And, because my mind now thinks in Facebook status updates, here’s a few that would have graced your Newsfeed had I been updating…

  • Amy is sad that her sessions with the trainer are over.
  • Amy is enjoying dinner with two great college friends. Thanks, Cathleen!
  • Amy surprised Paul with Toy Story and is now watching “Buzz and Woowy” for the third time in 24 hours.
  • Amy is gainfully “employed.”
  • Amy sat on the beach for five hours with the Ainsleys and didn’t break a sweat. I love it!
  • Amy is making a guitar-shaped cookie cake for Paul’s third birthday.
  • Amy is celebrating Paul’s third birthday. I can’t believe it!
  • Amy is excited the Voelkers are visiting!
  • Amy is eating my way around the world.
  • Amy wishes she were surfing in Hawaii with Matt and JR.
  • Amy is not sure what’s more WT…making your own turkey sandwiches in Wendy’s…or eating them there.
  • Amy is getting ready to pull off the surprise of the century with three of my best friends.
  • Amy is tired of Kasey’s “we’re having fun in Hawaii without you” picture and email updates.
  • Amy is thrilled at how well our Etsy shop is doing! Check it out–
  • Amy and the Chanda girls pulled off the surprise of the century. Sarah had no idea! Thanks for all your help, Casey!
  • Amy–it’s a sad day when the Firehouse sub you’re eating for dinner is the only thing of substance you’ve had in four days.
  • Amy is more than thrilled to be an aunt again! The new niece or nephew is due in October!!!!! 🙂

10 Responses to “Living Facebook Free”

  1. Bob Says:

    Way to go AP. Over halfway there!

  2. kolkana Says:

    Oh AP, how I miss interacting with your life. I feel like I do not even know you anymore. You know how all the “edgy” Christian publishers came out with teen devotionals like “Emails From God” a few years back? You think they will now come out with “God’s Status Updates for your life?”

  3. Tina Says:

    you go to Summit???! That was my church when i went to school up there- LOVE IT! 🙂 … and i’m definitely impressed that you’ve been able to make it 20 days without facebook… kudos!

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Wow, Amy, that is true commitment. Way to go! And congrats on your new niece or nephew. 🙂

  5. katiehobbie Says:

    nice post AP…been wondering when you’d get this up. i was very proud of you this weekend when you were being bombarded from every side with laptop views of FB on other people’s laps and you resisted. 🙂

  6. kathleen Says:

    FB is not the same without ya!

  7. Kelly Says:

    Are your 40 days almost up?!?? When’s Easter this year??!! Seriously missing your posts… it’s just not the same… no one can give Josh grief like you can… (and vice versa)

  8. Marla Saunders Says:

    Well I feel slightly better having read the status updates that would have been.

    OK…so how is it possible that I have missed so desperately the facebook updates from you when I so barely knew you when you lived down the street? I think I will file that in the category of technology really can bring community together that might not otherwise do life together. It’s virtual proximity that creates that sense of moving along through life as a team.

    Whatever and however, I’m thankful for your friendship whether it is delivered in statuses or in person!

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