Big News for Cora’s Playground!

images1Kati and I are new at this whole Etsy thing, but apparently this is a pretty big deal…

An article about the Cora’s Playground project was featured on Etsy late last week and now even more people are joining in to help! The project will “officially” continue until what would have been Cora’s first birthday (March 5). There are well over 100 193 sellers now participating (and nearly 500 600 items listed right now). Stop on over and check out the Cora Listings on Etsy.

We have a couple are sold out of Cora Coffee Cozies left, and would be glad to make more. il_430xn57518305

We also added a couple of new cozies supporting my favorite college team. Go Gators!


One Response to “Big News for Cora’s Playground!”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Just saw this (I’ve been a bad friend in the blogosphere) and love, love, love your new Gators cozies! I am definitely grabbing one before you sell out. Is it okay with you if I share the love on my blog (not that I have a ton of readers, but a little publicity is better than none, right)?

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