Tag, Tag, Tag…I’m It…Again. :)

Alright…this is an easy one. My friend Cheryl at Take a Second Glantz (I love the name of her blog…it’s a play on her maiden name…love it) tagged me for this quick and easy post.

You are supposed to go open your 6th picture folder and post the 6th picture in it. I’m working on a Mac, so I’m set up a little different. I went to my 6th event (essentially a folder) and it only had one picture in it. So I just counted up to 6 in the following events’ pictures and here’s what we’ve got…


This would have been from my 27th Birthday Lunch at Bradley’s on the Intracoastal in West Palm Beach. And, this book was a gift to me from Dawn and Renee. Sitting to my right is the beautiful Beth Ann (Davis) Bard and to my left is the inappropriately hilarious Chad Vaughan.

Alright, now I have to tag 6 of you jokers…here we go:

  1. Kati M.
  2. Katie H.
  3. Kathleen N.
  4. DOB V.
  5. Chad V.
  6. Heather T. 

4 Responses to “Tag, Tag, Tag…I’m It…Again. :)”

  1. kathleen Says:

    It’s nice to get tagged with something that does’t take any effort!

  2. chad Says:

    i would love to participate in the above shenanigans, although i don’t have pics…shucks.

    and i don’t know what you are talking about….inappropriate?

  3. Cheryl Says:

    Love it! Thanks for playing along. 🙂

  4. Baby Blog Addict Says:

    Congrats Amy. You were the winner of a Basic Blog Makeover from the Pink Armchair Designs Giveaway on http://www.BabyBlogAddict.com. Send me an email with your email address, so I can get it to Jenny at Pink Armchair. Here’s a link to the winners post – http://www.babyblogaddict.com/2009/02/three-winners-blog-makeovers-from-pink.html

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