Tag. I’m It.

I was tagged by my friend Cheryl at Take a Second Glantz to share seven things about myself. So…here we go. Hopefully I can come up with something half interesting. 🙂

1. I was a child model/tv star. Ok, ok. Maybe “star” is going  a little too far, but my sister and I in fact had an agent or two. We did a lot of print work (aka pictures that would end up in textbooks and the like) and we also did commercials for Disney and Publix. I can still remember playing Old Maid with “Rudy” from The Cosby Show while waiting to film a commercial at Disney in the wee hours of the morning.

2. I am deathly afraid of lightning. So convenient that I’ve grown up in Florida. Until my trip to Costa Rica in 2007, I’d never had an incident that would warrant my fear, but for some reason I’ve always been terrified of it.

3. Many of you may already know this, but I lived in London for three months in 2000, with some of my very best friends. I learned more about myself and life in those three months than I probably have in any three months since then. It was the first time I traveled in other countries on my own and my eyes were certainly open to how much world exists outside of the United States. Although I was certainly ready to come home that day in November 2000, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to go back ever since. I love London!

4. Ok, all my friends know this is weird…I can close one of my eyes all the way without winking it and without causing my other eye to move. I have no idea how I learned I could do this, but it’s one of those weird, pointless talents. Here’s proof…

Dawn, Kasey and Me at Kasey's Shower Last Year

Dawn, Kasey and Me at Kasey's Shower Last Year

5. Alright…I’ve got three left and I’m grasping at straws now. How about this? My brother-in-law got Rock Band 2 for the Wii for Christmas (he’s become just as spoiled as the rest of us) and I got 100% on my guitar part one night. I think that’s an accomplishment to be proud of. Don’t you?

One for the record books...

One for the record books...

6. This won’t come as a shocker to most, but I’m on my iPhone WAY too much. Over the last few days, I have seriously considered taking the Facebook application off my iPhone. Yes, I just said it. I feel like it might be a good thing to be less connected for a little while. But, then I think better of it because I know how much entertainment it provides me while I’m at the gym. Oh well…we all have our addictions…

7. Since moving in with my sister and her family, I have become the personal playmate to my two-year-old nephew. We play cars. We read books. We sing songs. We play outside. And, right now he’s requesting that we have a dance party. How can I turn that down? Gotta go…

And, now that I survived the seven things about me, I’m tagging: DOB and Sami.


6 Responses to “Tag. I’m It.”

  1. katie Says:

    okay, #4 i’ve always thought was wierd and that picture makes it look like you got punched in the face and your eye is swollen shut. 🙂 also, i like your tag choices…definitely two people i’d like to know more random things about.

  2. kathleen Says:

    Um WHAT!! A childhood disney star! Can this be found on you tube or something??

  3. sunshinekmp Says:

    Doubtful kathleen….however….the guts showing might be obtained a bit easier I imagine.

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Love your post, Amy! And yes, 100% on guitar *is* quite an accomplishment. 🙂

  5. Sami Says:

    oh man…i just read this today…good thing! Ok…I have to do some thinking…

  6. Dawn Voelker Says:

    I know Bob and I have been pondering this for days…hope to post by the end of this week!

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