I Must Be an Official Central Floridian Again…


Obviously not a real card...

I am now a Disney Annual Passholder and Universal Seasonal Passholder. After five years of saving Disney Dollars on my Disney Rewards credit card, I had nearly enough to purchase the Annual Pass! So, yesterday, after doing the necessary research to earn the title of “Disney Genius Bar” from Pam Kuhl, I cashed in my $330 Disney Dollars and purchased my Annual Pass! As silly as it sounds, I’m kind of excited about it! I know there will be plenty of opportunities to stop in for a visit to Mickey’s house. I love the option of being able to just go for a few hours on a weekend, rather than feeling it necessary to get the maximum out of the $75 one-day ticket. So, if you’re paying a visit to Mickey’s house and want some extra company…let me know!

Oh, and not that I am promoting credit cards, but if you’d like to get your own Disney card, let me know. I believe that if I refer you, we each get some extra Disney dollars! šŸ™‚


3 Responses to “I Must Be an Official Central Floridian Again…”

  1. Gerry Says:

    Chris, Gabby and I just got ours on Friday! We went there this weekend twice for a total of like 5 hours. It was great.

  2. Dawn Says:

    What is a “disney Genius Bar?”

  3. My Year at Disney « Says:

    […] you may recall (from this post) or as you may have gathered from my many Disney-related Facebook statuses and blog posts, I […]

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