Have you ever “GoodShopped?”

You may have heard of or used GoodSearch where each time you use their search engine, powered by Yahoo!, they donate a penny to the charity of your choice (assuming that charity is registered with GoodSearch). It sure doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up very quickly! My family was introduced to GoodSearch a little more than two years ago when we started GoodSearching for PKU organizations. (Not sure what PKU is? Check out my sister’s blog.)

Anyhow, the great people at GoodSearch started GoodShop. The concept is similar: when shopping through GoodShop at some of your favorite retailers (Target, Apple, Amazon, Ebay, iTunes, etc, etc, etc), a certain percentage will be donated back to the charity of your choice. Sounds easy enough, huh? So, while doing your Christmas shopping online at places you would normally buy from, why not GoodShop and let them send a percentage of your purchase to your favorite cause. If you don’t have a “favorite cause,”  I would recommend: MACPAD or Place of Hope (Palm Beach Gardens).

placeofhope1Speaking of Place of Hope…why not GoodShop at Target and bless a foster child in their care with a great Christmas. The cottage parents at Place of Hope have taken the time to set up a gift registry at Target with items that the kids in their care would love. Each set of cottage parents at Place of Hope cares for six kids, and there are seven cottages on their campus in Palm Beach Gardens. Imagine that–Christmas shopping for more than 40 kids! Alone it would be an impossible task, but with a few quick clicks from people like us we can help give these kids a great Christmas. There are gifts ranging in price from $1.87 to $449.99, so each of us can easily do something. So, let’s venture on over to the Place of Hope registry and start flooding their mailbox with gifts for their kids. We’ve all been given so much, and we know ’tis better to give than receive.

Happy GOODchristmasSHOPPING!


2 Responses to “GOODchristmasSHOPPING”

  1. Mom Says:

    What a great idea!!!

  2. Make Your List and Check It Twice « Says:

    […] of Hope: I’ve posted about this before (go here), but there’s still time to purchase something from Place of Hope’s Target registry in […]

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