Top Twenty-Seven Facebook Status Updates on Election Night

At so many requests (ok, maybe two), here are the night’s top Facebook status updates from Election Night.

In an effort to be respectful, I’ve split them into two categories: 1) Funny/Sarcastic and 2) Serious.

Here we go…


22. David Helbig CNN holograms a reporter into the studio from Chicago. One day we’ll have meetings just like that.

21. Kami Kolkana wondering if Josh is really going to update his status every minute for the next 5 hours?

20. David Helbig CNN is keeping it close… i think they’re more concerned with ratings than with results.

19. Ben Starling is thinking that Rush Limbaugh must be happy because he will now have 4 years worth of material.

18. Cameron Free “shutup Republicans…you’ll be OK.”.

17. Meghan Monahan is enjoying status updates more than election coverage (We don’t have cable).

16. David Helbig my wife doesn’t want me to ride through riviera beach tonight on my scooter. she thinks its a bad idea. i think it would be rather adventurous.

15. Matt Ainsley My dad just called…apparently I’m a hologram.

14. Josh Kolkana thinks CNN thinks they are SO COOL.

13. Matt Ainsley loves josh “the flaming liberal” kolkana.

12. Laurie Kleinhenz this is nothing a little ice cream and brownies can’t fix!

11. Alex Workman If I wanted to live in a socialist country I would move to England.

10. Kati Mattingly is watching Mickey Mouse in lieu of election coverage.

9. Chad Vaughan i am regretting not donating my status to john mccain.

8. Matt Ainsley I’m mad that Chad cost John McCain the election by not donating his status.

7. Dawn Voelker is tired of looking at all of the blue! When are we going to realize that we need pink states!

6. Kevin Monahan is thinking that McCain is McDone.

5. Ryan Morgan is getting change. I used to have dollars.

4. Cameron Free Abe Lincoln is rolling in his grave… Can’t wait to see if BET gets exclusive rights to the Obama’s first State of the Union speech.

3. Matt Ainsley I would like to thank Josh for buying me dinner a few years back…he sure knows how to redistribute the wealth.

2. Chad Vaughan red and blue may color the map. but amber is the color of your energy.

1. Matt Ainsley Sources say that Obama is a hologram and therefore disqualified from the race.



5. Kevin Monahan is going to love, pray and support the president. Even if he is not my choice, he is my president.

4. Sarah Mattingly is excited for the New Year and will be praying for our new President!

3. Jen Thurston doesn’t care who you are or who you voted for…you have to respect a man who has served our country like McCain has.

2. Kevin Monahan is done with the election. Let’s honor our country and our president.

1. Pam Kuhl Romans 13:1-There is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.


8 Responses to “Top Twenty-Seven Facebook Status Updates on Election Night”

  1. I did it! | david helbig Says:

    […] Yes I did… After 21 months of primary’s, debates, and hundreds of status updates, I finally made Amy’s list of Top Twenty-Seven Facebook Status Updates on Election Night. […]

  2. sunshinekmp Says:

    Great job. Thank you to Matt Ainsley for making me actually laugh out loud for #8!

  3. Dad Says:

    Pretty funny stuff- made me laugh!!

  4. sunshinekmp Says:

    I would like to update my comment to also let Ryan and Cameron know that I also laughed for #5 and #4.
    Good job everyone.

  5. Dawn Says:

    I am proud to have made the cut! You are all very witty and entertaining!

  6. Ben Starling Says:

    I am glad the entire thing is over… I am so tired of the commercials and various ads. The mud slinging was incredible. I always thought adults were supposed to behave, guess now when it comes to politics.

    By the way, this election has certainly shown me how many racist friends that I have. Heartbreaking.

  7. Holly Says:

    Just trying to get you to 300! 🙂

  8. kolkana Says:

    We miss you, Amy Paul

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