Tag, I’m It!

I was tagged by Carolyn to do this little “survey”…I did a similar survey in April (here’s the post), so some of this may be duplicated.

Ten years ago I was…
1) loving life as a sophomore at Palm Beach Atlantic University;
2) skipping class in favor of the the beach;
3) getting ready to celebrate my 20th birthday (don’t do the math…that makes me almost 30!); 
4) not realizing how good I had it while in college;
5) learning how right my parents were all the time and beginning to understand and appreciate their wisdom.

Five things on my to-do list:
1) BSF Lesson;
2) Investigate opportunities on elance.com;
3) Get school portfolio up to date;
4) Read;
5) Blog.

Five snacks I enjoy:
1) frivolous ones;
2) chocolate;
3) chocolate;
4) chocolate;
5) chocolate.

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1) give lots away;
2) pay off family debts;
3) save;
4) who am i kidding?!!?  SHOP, of course;
5) travel…lots…with people i love.

Five places I have lived:
1) Gainesville, FL;
2) Sanford, FL;
3) Lake Mary, FL;
4) West Palm Beach, FL;
5) London, England (UK)

Five jobs I’ve had:
1) LimitedToo;
2) Disney;
3) Blockbuster;
4) Target;
5) Christ Fellowship

Now, five of you jokers with blogs are supposed to do this…comment back!


3 Responses to “Tag, I’m It!”

  1. katiehobbie Says:

    i’ll get to it eventually…ugh.

  2. Tag? Really? « Eternal Rambling of a Boy With Two Brains Says:

    […] November 2, 2008 by Joe O. So, since Kati SPECIFICALLY mentioned me in her blog, I have decided to try this survey. Here is Kati’s and the person who tagged her, Amy. […]

  3. friend of cathleen's, aka vickie Says:

    so, yeah. you don’t know me, but i just think blogs are fun to skim through. hence, the reason i’m here. i stumbled upon yours via cason’s facebook profile. thought i’d randomly leave a comment to let you know that i worked at ltd. too too! 🙂 and disney! and a video store! pretty crazy, huh?

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