Top Twenty-Five Facebook Status Updates During the Debate

25. Cindy Biernat .. Joe won the debate.

24. John Workman is still amazed that there is a Federal Commission whose sole purpose is to put on just 3 presidential debates every 4 years.

23. John Hernandez what if they both both wore sarah palin glasses?

22. Kevin Monahan thinks the liar has a tie on.

21. Alex Workman hatchets…are we building a treehouse?

20. Kevin Monahan thinks McCain is doing a crossword puzzle.

19. Chad Vaughan universal health care? really? health care for the entire universe? even osama bin laden?

18. Jason Kremkau thinks Obama just said “Viagra”ous debate.

17. Matt Ainsley joe who?

16. Joshua Coburn Kolkana I wish Judy Grimes would come and speak at this debate.

15. Matt Ainsley There’s no time to change your mind, Obama has come and your child has been left behind.

14. Chad Vaughan mccain should just look obama in the eyes, ask himself what a maverick would do, and then do the most mavericky thing possible.

13. Brooks Land wait joes rich already?? That was fast…

12. Jason Kremkau thinks is going to get a lot of web traffic!!

11. Jason Kremkau thinks we should just get a “thermostat” to change the climate.

10. Joshua Coburn Kolkana Wow, Obama, you must have the worst luck of any man EVER – all these people you were BFFs with all the sudden are identified as criminals – thats so awful for u.

9. Chad Vaughan i am joe the plumber. plumb obama!

8. Joshua Coburn Kolkana I care less about money for negative ads and more about money for being created out of this air.

7. Matt Ainsley my toilet is clogged…get to work Joe!!!

6. Matt Ainsley Can you eat Acorns?

5. Matt Ainsley I’m still counting on Michael J. Fox to develop a flying car by 2015 (of course it needs to be powered by baby seals).

4. Chad Vaughan it would be nice if sarah palin made a surprise visit tonight…and then tackled barack obama and beat him up alaska style.

3. Matt Ainsley I’m sad that Joe the Plumber will only be able to afford acorns to feed his family.

2. Chad Vaughan sarah palin is going to start a horse ministry at the white house

1. Chad Vaughan mccain is putting his thing down flipping and reversing it.

(and a bonus because I couldn’t pass it up even though it has nothing to do with the debate…or maybe it does…)

**BONUS. Ben Starling is listening to Elvis sing “How Great Thou Art”. Glory!


10 Responses to “Top Twenty-Five Facebook Status Updates During the Debate”

  1. chadvaughan Says:

    i win!!

  2. David Says:

    This is the ‘status debate’

    Chad vs. Matt!
    Who’s the donkey and who’s the elephant?

  3. facebooking the debate « Says:

    […] facebooking the debate October 15, 2008 Posted by chadvaughan in Uncategorized. trackback here is a picture of my generation: we watch the presidential debate, laptop in hand (lap), and wait for friends to update their status about the debate. for a list of the top debate status updates, go hit up amy’s blog. […]

  4. Ben Starling Says:

    Amy — thank you for including Elvis and me on your blog!

  5. Jason Says:

    nice job amy…i’m impressed. Keeping up with FB updates and cooking. Wow!

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  7. kolkana Says:

    I am wondering when the next opportunity for such a facebook event will be?

  8. No, I Will Not Blog on Last Night’s Debate… « Life as Entertainment Says:

    […] 2.  Amy Paul did an amazing job summarizing the events in her top status updates […]

  9. sunshinekmp Says:

    While I have to say this was quite funny….what does it say about the world today? 🙂 Granted I didn’t even watch the debates so thanks everyone for filling me in on the fine details!

  10. Marla Says:

    I think it was definitely the most engaging debate we watched! I barely saw the TV…FB was definitely where the fun was at. I agree with Josh…when’s the next FB event?

    Hey Chad…what’s up with closing your comments??? I wanted some clarification of the words “my generation” in your post. I think David and I are stranded in a wrong generation!!!!!!

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