Top Sixteen FB Status Updates During the Debate

Because I think monitoring the status updates on Facebook is far more fun than listening to Obama and McCain, and because I’ve already voted, I present you with my Top Sixteen Facebook Status Updates During Tonight’s Presidential Debate (disclaimer: these updates came during the first hour and fifteen minutes of the debate…i’m over it. i’m going to bed).

16. Matt Ainsley I love the perfect right angle that McCain forms when he holds a mic.

15. Joshua Coburn Kolkana the government funded steve jobs?

14. Matt Ainsley universal health care? E.T. can pay for his own insurance.

13. Joshua Coburn Kolkana OH LOOK OUT, he’s getting mavericky.

12. Emily Wilson is wondering what is is.

11. Jason Kremkau …did Obama just say he would “offshore drill”?

10. Joshua Coburn Kolkana DRILL, DRILL, DRILL!! The animals will be just fine.

9. Chad Vaughan my friends, stop saying “my friends”.

8. Matt Ainsley lay the smackdown brokaw.

7. Jason Kremkau is glad at least McCain doesn’t carry a pen in his left hand like “Bob Dole”

6. Joshua Coburn Kolkana Can we just text our votes in right now, of course at the end of the show, and Ryan Seacrest can come tell us the winner?

5. Matt Ainsley change we can believe in…and then take it to coinstar…and then take the little paper slip and hand it to customer service…and then have cash you can…

4. Joshua Coburn Kolkana Deregulation of a government funded enterprise is an oxymoron.

3. Gerry Torres is wondering if anyone else is thinking that McCain is doing the Roboto on national TV.

2. Jason Kremkau is wondering how we are in a recession when a “talking dog” movie made $29million this past weekend?! 

1. Matt Ainsley I’m sailing on the bi-partisan ship.


9 Responses to “Top Sixteen FB Status Updates During the Debate”

  1. Bob Says:

    Amy, top 16 FB statuses about the debate… is still fewer than the number of status changes you made today alone. What’s up with that???

  2. Kati Says:

    Much more entertaining than the debate. 🙂 I played Dr Mario!

  3. kyle Says:

    Nice work! This was far more entertaining to read than listening to the pundits.

  4. katie Says:

    oh how i wish i were smart enough to be funny about politics. that just made me laugh out loud.

  5. Alex Workman Says:

    You journalistic work is simply incredible!

  6. chad Says:

    you are revolutionizing the blogosphere.

    you are such a maverick.

  7. Alexis Says:

    Love it! Personally, I can’t wait until November 5th.

  8. jermandkate Says:

    this may be your greatest post

  9. The Obligatory New Year’s Post « Says:

    […] Top Sixteen FB Status Updates During the Debate (3,020 views) […]

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