Update :: 2008 Book List

I haven’t done this in while, so I think I need to catch up. I am not going to provide full synopses for books that I’ve already done that for, so if you want to see an overview of a book that’s listed below, check out the last time I updated the 2008 Book List blog.

i heart bloomberg (Melody Carlson): Still working on this one. This is just a good, fun fiction book for girls. Emily recommended it to me, and it’s some great mindless reading. I’d like to finish it this weekend!

Wild Goose Chase (Mark Batterson): This has to be my favorite at the moment. This book came in the mail at the perfect time–in the midst of my decision making about moving home. It is pretty much a sequel to his first book, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, which I also loved. I have quoted this book several times in emails (and even on my blog) because I feel like it so perfectly explains what I feel in my heart about my upcoming move.

Work Motivation: History, Theory, Research & Practice (Gary Latham): Still working on this one. Required for school. Mostly boring textbooky reading, but there are some good points and interesting applications related to motivational theory.

The Portable MBA for Strategy (Liam Fahey & Robert Randall): Required for school. It’s pretty much a textbook, but it has some practical and applicable tips for strategic planning. Not the most “fun” read, but definitely a keeper for reference later.

Prince Caspian (C.S. Lewis)

Looking For God (Nancy Ortberg)

A Practical Guide to Needs Assessment (Kavita Gupta)

Improving Performance (Geary Rummler & Alan Branche) 

Organization Development (Joan Gallos)

Celebration of Discipline (Richard Foster)

Ethics, The Heart of Leadership (Joanne Cuilla)

Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity (David Whyte)

Jesus in Blue Jeans (Laurie Beth Jones)

The Starbucks Experience (Joseph Michelli)


4 Responses to “Update :: 2008 Book List”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Can I read the girly book when you are done?

  2. Alexis Says:

    Ooohhhh…I can’t wait for the review of A Practical Guide to Needs Assessment! Just kidding. I do envy your book list. If you want, I can review Goodnight Moon for you!

  3. emilyjwilson Says:

    dawn, you can borrow the book from me. it’s cute. and the beginning of a series (i like those girly series to read mindlessly!).

    i’m glad you’re liking the book, amy! 🙂

  4. katie Says:

    you should read rommette and julio

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