Are you sick of these posts yet? I’m not…it’s a good perspective shifter for me.

Tuesday-On Tuesday, I broke out my new workout DVD, and I was thankful for the satisfying feeling of sweating from a decent workout. I need to do more of it. I makes me feel so much better. I need a routine. I need a personal trainer. 🙂

Monday-I’ve said this one before, but honest to goodness, I am thankful for Bible Study Fellowship. I’m hoping that once I move, I can convince my sister to go with me, and we can take Paul to join the kids group!

Sunday-On Sunday I was able to participate in the one year celebration of Heritage Community Church. HCC was started by my youth pastor and his wife (Sidney and Meredith Brock). [Sidenote: can I still call him my youth pastor when I’m almost 30?!?!!] My sister and her family have attended HCC since its first service. As I sat with my entire family at the service, I was thankful of the legacy of faith that has been left for me. My parents are incredible examples of Christ followers, and part of that is due to the influence of their parents and grandparents. Sid and Meredith have also been examples of faith to me throughout my life. I can still remember him explaining to me why he had to leave our church during my senior year of high school to go pastor at another church in another town. Understanding his faith and trust in God then, has been an ongoing example to me at different times in my life. I could give even more examples of faith-filled lives from other family members and close friends. I pray that my sister, brother-in-law and I can carry on the legacy of faith that has been laid before us and lived out in front of us for our entire lives. I pray that our lives influence my nephew (and any other kids that God chooses to bless our family with) to know and follow hard after a God that loves him and knows what’s best for him. I am thankful for a firm foundation and legacy of faith in my life.

Saturday-I love cooking and enjoying food with friends. On Saturday morning, I was thankful for a fun, big breakfast with friends–old and new. I made pancakes, my sous chef made eggs and Matt made bacon. Kasey was the trusty dish washer/kitchen cleaner upper and new friend, Brooks, came to enjoy a mid-morning meal with us. It was a great time.

Friday-On Friday, as I sat on the Ainsley’s back porch eating a scrumptious dinner prepared by my sous chef, I was thankful for new seasons of life. Seasons of life, such as the one I’m embarking on, are exciting, scary, consuming, tiresome, fun and new. But, they are also an incredible opportunity to increase your faith in God. I’m not a fan of change, as anyone who knows me well knows very well, but I am a fan of being a part of what God wants to do in and through me. So for reasons like these, I am thankful for new seasons of life. [Disclaimer: this is partially written as a reminder I’m sure I’ll need to read in a couple of weeks.]


One Response to “Thankful”

  1. Kati Says:

    Does this mean your moving to my house….so it would be easy for us to go to BSF together? 🙂

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