Thursday-What an incredibly long day it seemed like! I think I was most thankful on Thursday when class was over at 10:00pm. 🙂

Wednesday-On Wednesday night, I was thankful for the trusty (most of the time) built-in webcam that my wonderful (most of the time) MacBook has. I got to count toes and fingers with Paulie. He told me about his day–with a lot of “yes” and “nos”. Before I hung up, I said, “See you Sunday!” And he said, “See you Sundeeee!” Oh man…I can barely handle it. That kid has captured me in a way few others have.

Tuesday-After a couple of somewhat difficult conversations, I was thankful for God’s graciousness in offering me small bits of confirmation that I was doing that He wanted me to do. I’ve got to write a longer blog (that I don’t have time to do right now) in order to elaborate on this, but I’ll try to get to it this weekend.


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