More To Be Thankful For

Friday-I am grateful for a relatively unscheduled, relaxing night. Simple dinner with friends at home. An appearance at a six-year-old’s pirate birthday party. A surprise visit from two sweet girls. Sarah Palin on 20/20. In bed early. It was a great start to the weekend!

Thursday-I am so thankful for the love of friends who want the best for me. I had a little “chat” with a friend Thursday night who gave me things to think about, and provided encouragement in love. 

Wednesday-On Wednesday I had a lot that needed to get done. I made my list and went after it. I am thankful for productivity. It’s just the way I’m wired. I HAVE to get stuff done. I can’t handle sitting around and not efficiently getting stuff done. I have to achieve….all the time. It can be annoying sometimes when relaxing seems impossible, but productivity is important too, and somebody has to do it.

Tuesday-On Tuesday, I was thankful for the wisdom of friends who are willing to speak truth into my life. There are times in life when each of us need the objective, outside wisdom of others. Of course, we must be open to listening and applying what we learn. God grants supernatural wisdom from those who ask and sometimes that wisdom comes from people who have walked the journey ahead of us.


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