Ixnay on the Sweetsnay

Beginning Tuesday, I have decided not to eat sweets or drink soda until my friend Katie‘s 30th Birthday. She is five days older than me and we decided that we both wanted to lose a little weight and get in shape before our birthdays. The drinking soda part shouldn’t be too difficult for me because I seldom partake in Cokes and the like. However, if you know anything about me, you know that most days do not end without me eating something sweet. I just have to. This will be hard, but knowing that Katie and Kathleen are doing it too should help to keep me motivated. Here’s hoping!


3 Responses to “Ixnay on the Sweetsnay”

  1. Kasey Says:

    I will join the K’s that will be doing this…count Kasey in on avoiding the sweets and DIET cokes as well!….ugh, its the diet cokes that will be hard for me!

  2. kathleen Says:

    Although I have my critics (DAWN) I am determined to stick to it!!! I am going to have to seriously work on my problem with random acts of baking!!!!

  3. kyla Says:

    agave nectar…….i’m telling you girls!!

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