I’ve got a lot to catch up on, but I’ve been keeping a running list, so here we go…

  • Saturday was a lazy day. I am thankful for friends who don’t care that most of us sat in our pajamas for more hours than I can recall. Really…what’s better than four of your best friends in the same room, lounging around, doing a lot of nothing and eating a lot of junk food? It’s great and it only happens like this once a year. Friends + pajamas + junk food + laughter = me being thankful.
  • Friday after work I met up with Katie to head to our 6th Annual Chanda Weekend. That night I was so grateful for friends who know me and love me just the same. My friend Shanel was telling us how she explained to her husband what each of us are like when we first arrive. She had everyone (and our personalities) down to a tee. All my friends know that when I first arrive to this cherished weekend, I am quiet, reserved and a little overwhelmed taking it all in. I love each of these girls dearly, it just takes me a little bit to warm up. Not sure why…it’s just the way I am. And, I’m grateful that my friends know that about me and love me just the same.
  • On Thursday night I started a new class-Work Motivation. After having a week off (the first Thursday night off since January), it was a little bit hard to get back into the swing of things and I was thankful when our professor decided to let us out of class a little early. His reasoning was so that we could go watch Barack’s speech, which I wasn’t really planning on doing. However, it was Chad‘s last night in PBG, so it was great that I could go hang out with him before he left. So, Dr. Shields, thanks for letting us out of class early!
  • On Wednesday, I had to choose to be thankful for the luxury of air conditioning. Our A/C has been a point of contention since we moved in and after more than two weeks of complaining about it, I decided it could be worse and I needed to be grateful. Having something that cools (or freezes) your house off is certainly a luxury and not something that everyone is blessed with. It’s one of those things you notice only when it doesn’t work the way you want it to or when it breaks. Even though our A/C doesn’t work the way I’d like, I am grateful that we have air conditioning.
  • Life gets busy (can anyone relate?) and on Tuesday night, I was very thankful for a night at home. I didn’t have any particular plans, but I just spent a nice night at home relaxing and getting things done. It was a nice night at home and I was grateful for that.
  • Monday at work involved a lot of meetings and team time. In an economy like our country’s at the moment, I am thankful for a job. I have a great team of people to work with, a few of whom are close friends of mine. My job makes a difference and serves a purpose much greater than myself. With several of my friends without jobs right now, I am thankful for my job.
  • I have been in and out of town on the weekends a lot in the last couple of months. That makes being a regular church attender a little difficult. I hadn’t been to The Ascent in a couple of weeks, so on Sunday of last week I was thankful for an incredible church body with amazing leadership who love the Lord and do their best to strive to please Him.
  • So last Saturday, I went to Ikea in search of a desk. Chad and Emily accompanied me. I get very overwhelmed with decorating or arranging a room. There are just far too many options. My trip to Ikea made me grateful for people with talents and gifts other than my own. Chadwick has quite the eye and just knows what looks good. I stopped making suggestions after the faces he made. I just let him do his thing. He picked out a great lampshade for my room and also some awesome pictures and frames for my bathroom. Surrounding yourself with people who have different strengths and abilities is a smart thing to do in any area of life. And, I am thankful for friends with talents and gifts that are different than mine.

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