Those of you familiar with the Covey Planning System know what it means to TAF. Time Activate Forward basically means you didn’t complete tasks on the day you planned, so you move them to another day. So…I TAFfed up some things from Sunday’s list…so here’s a new and improved list.

  • Pay bills
  • Hang pictures/stuff in the house (Thanks to Chad, Jen and Emily…I am not an interior decorator)
  • Work on school portfolio Still LOTS to do, but at least I did a little bit on it tonight
  • Clean room
  • Vacuum room
  • Laundry
  • Blog (this doesn’t count)
  • Call Apple about my stupid iPhone
  • Sync iPhone
  • Refigure out who owes what for rent/bills this month
  • Put rent check in the mail (Thursday)
  • Complete HOA application
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    2 Responses to “TAF It Up”

    1. emilyjwilson Says:

      oh you covey people. if only i could be so organized. 🙂

    2. Amanda Privett Says:

      Oh, I remember coming home with “Frank” after my 1st SLU experience back in 8th grade….I TAFfed it up….for like 4 days. and then he sat on my shelf…..and has continued to sit there. lol.

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