Catching Up…

Playing catch up here…not that you all need to read all of this, but I need to write it. It helps me keep a better perspective on life.

Friday-When I woke up Friday morning, I was so thankful to see the sun and blue sky. It didn’t last long, and it’s still been raining this weekend, but at least for a few moments we’ve had the wonderful South Florida sun! I love it! And, after about a week straight of rain, I was thankful to see the sun!

Thursday-On Thursday, I went to visit my trusty eye doctor because I’ve been having problems with focusing between far away and close up. I was a little concerned, but I was thankful when my eye doctor reported that my vision actually improved! I didn’t even know that was possible (without some type of corrective surgery). I have a theory about how it happened for me, but that’s for a later post. When I got my new contacts and things started to improve, I was thankful for my improved vision.

Wednesday-I got a special midweek visit with my forever roommate, Kasey. I am so thankful for our middle school-esque sleepover. We watched the Olympics until the late hours of the night and then talked and talked until we literally fell asleep, as only girls seem capable of doing. I am glad that even though circumstances in life change, a handful of special friendships can weather those and always pick up right where they left off. I am glad that I got a few hours of face time with Kasey this week, and I am thankful for our middle school-esque sleepover.

Tuesday-Tropical Depression/Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay (whatever you want to call her) started her visit to South Florida on Monday night/Tuesday morning. I am thankful that I got to sleep in a little due to starting the work day two hours late. It poured and poured and poured. I didn’t really want to head to the office when I did (in order to make in there by 10am), but I braved it anyway. It poured most of the rest of the day. Our office got lunch for everyone, so that was a nice treat, but even better was the extra sleep. Thanks, POH (and Fay)!  🙂


2 Responses to “Catching Up…”

  1. Kasey Says:

    I too am thankful and happy for the middle school-esque sleepover! We must do this again more often..maybe make a monthly or quarterly tradition? I need more girl time. ha ha! Bummed we couldn’t come back for Chad’s party and bummed you couldn’t make our Housewarming party….next time. Let’s have a joint CHristmas party…a progressive one starting in Orlando and working our way south….FUN, FUN!

  2. katie Says:

    i love you and i really liked this post.

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