Getting the Right Frame of Mind

Now, before I write the post about last night’s legendary Cook Off Throwdown, I need to write some posts about being thankful. It will help me get in the right frame of mind for writing the recap for Monday night’s events.

So…reflecting on my Monday, I am thankful for the joy that living in community can bring. The Cook Off Throwdown involved many fun and lively friends. There was an inner joy that I felt as I was surrounded by such great people. Following the Cook Off Throwdown, however, I saw this principle in a different way. Brad, Philip, Jen and I went to visit Russell and Sami at the hospital. Russell’s been there for five days now with viral meningitis. Last night we went, just for a few minutes, to say hi and hopefully provide an ounce of encouragement for the Allens. As I looked around the hospital room, I thought how sterile and plain it is. I can see how, without the love of family and friends, being in a place like that must be very sad. I hope that Russell and Sami felt even a little bit of joy and love during the visit of four of their friends. Doing life together and living in community brings joy and, for that, I am thankful.

Reflecting on my Sunday, I am thankful for stillness. I spent the weekend at the beach house and it was great. We didn’t do much, and the weather wasn’t even that great, but there were plenty moments of quiet and stillness. It was nice to rest, even though I couldn’t seem to wake up all weekend. 🙂 No amount of coffee did that for me. I think my brain just automatically goes into relaxation mode when I’m at the beach house and that’s nice every once in a while. 


My little sous chef.

My little sous chef.

Saturday was a nice, relaxing day at the beach house and looking back on that day, I am thankful for special moments with my nephew. I absolutely love this kid and just love spending time with him. We had tons of fun that day, as we usually do, but one of the most fun parts of the day happened after dinner. Saturday night Paul and I tried out a new recipe together and he was so excited to cook. I made him a little apron out of a kitchen towel and pulled a chair up next to the counter so that he could stir. He kept saying, “I cooking! I cooking!” I think he loved it. We did have a little mishap with the cocoa that Grammy wasn’t too happy about, but oh well. 🙂 We created a special moment, and that makes me thankful.


And, finally, onto Friday. On Friday, I was very thankful that I can get to my family by a three hour drive. Sometimes it seems so far away, but to know that I can jump in the car and get there in three hours flat (sometimes faster, but don’t tell my Mom!) is so nice. Some of my friends have to take a flight or two to get home, but I am able to get home in the time it takes to watch Titanic on TBS. Since my nephew was born it’s been my goal to see him once a month, and so far (almost 2.5 years) I think I’ve been pretty close to doing that. It’s great. Family and friends are the most important parts of life, so I’m thankful that I can see my family via a three hour car ride.


3 Responses to “Getting the Right Frame of Mind”

  1. mom Says:

    I think we should clarify that Grammy was not happy about the chair statement. All I said was “pat it down”…I did not even look at the chair. My Grandson has not done anything wrong yet… love ya!

  2. Dawn Says:

    This makes me grateful for you for reminding to be grateful!

  3. katie Says:

    i’m really liking these posts…thanks!

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