5.5 Hours and Counting

The day is here. Fay threatened to rain on the Cook Off Throwdown but alas she can not prevail. The cook off goes on. The menus are set. The competition will be fierce and I will win. Prepare to be second best, Chad. Just kidding. I know chad will win.


2 Responses to “5.5 Hours and Counting”

  1. kathleen Nugent Says:

    What?! Don’t say that CONFIDENCE is the key!!!! You got this. I expect a VERY detailed post about this event 🙂

    ps. I am aware that I am overly excited about this cook off.

  2. Amanda Privett Says:

    mkay – where is the blog from last night amy? dont be sad. you were only 2nd place by two points. I loved your cooking!!!

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